Chiperoni ku Basel

I found it. It’s at a pedestrian light near Basel SBB.

A fun street art sticker I saw this past week.

An orange vespa crossed my path this week.

Wrong way round

Yesterday morning a cyclist decided to cycle thru one of the roundabouts the wrong way round. During early morning traffic to work. If you’re thinking probably a bicycle courier: This cyclist was a woman in her 30s or 40s.

Nothing happened. No accident followed.

But it still had me shaking my head. Road traffic rules are there for our own safety. A lot can happen at 30km/h. We’re vulnerable. More than we think.

There are enough occasions when we make unintended mistakes. No need to wilfully ignore traffic rules.

(Sorry. Turning into an activist.)

Sicher unterwegs mit dem Velo

Die wichtigsten Fahrrad-Regeln auf einen Blick

Sicher velofahren

I hope you like some of the snaps I took today:


water drops


Moz on overall SEO strategy

For future reference:

Questions to consider before you delve into the details


At the dentist on Friday:

A Herbert Grönemeyer song played on the radio and my dentist started whistling along while I was on the dentist’s chair.

Too funny.

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