Where is Mount Chiperone?
Another Chiperoni reference: This blog is named after the drizzle rain we get in the Shire Highlands. Where is Mount Chiperone located? Mount Chiperone in northern Mozambique is a semi-isolated peak situated some 50 km south of the Mount Mulanje massif in southern Malawi. It lies in Milange District of Zambézia Province, 40 km SSW […]
Mount Chiperone in Mocambique – a photo
So excited. I found a picture of Mount Chiperone – the name giver of my blog. The internet is amazing.
In my web stats
Found this phrase in web stats: what is the meaning of the african word chiperoni See “What is Chiperoni?”.
Light, misty drizzle
Google Book Search on chiperoni: The climate is tropical and monsoonal with a wet season (November to May) and a dry season (May to November). The dry season is mostly cool but hot and humid prior to the first rain. Maritime influences ameliorate the dry season in the Shire Highlands with periods of light, misty […]
What is Chiperoni?
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