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  • Coffee from Chipunga, near Mzuzu

    I finished drinking my souvenir of Malawi coffee last week. I like the strong, rich flavour of Malawi coffee. It’s strong, it’s chocolatey, it’s earthy. Each time I wonder how I could help to promote Malawi coffee and its unique taste in Europe. Rather than importing green beans, could we import roasted beans? Rather than […]

  • Where is Mount Chiperone?

    Another Chiperoni reference: This blog is named after the drizzle rain we get in the Shire Highlands. Where is Mount Chiperone located? Mount Chiperone in northern Mozambique is a semi-isolated peak situated some 50 km south of the Mount Mulanje massif in southern Malawi. It lies in Milange District of Zambézia Province, 40 km SSW […]

  • Photos of cellphone repair places in Blantyre

    In 2009 I took these snapshots of cellphone shops in Blantyre, Malawi:

  • Blantyre photos

  • Busy roads

    Busy roads

    from my huge photo archive on Flickr:

  • Online dictionary for Chichewa

    I am really excited about this online Chichewa/Chinyanja dictionary, which I just heard about on Twitter (hat tip @kristungati). Try entering Mchenga. Select Chichewa/Chinyanja to English Click Translate mchenga 1.sand; maziko ena onse npamchenga = all other foundations are on sand (see: hymn 362, Nyimbo za Mulungu); expression: walemba pamchenga (lit.: you have written in […]

  • Technology Leapfrogs

    I like this quote from Hacktivate: We need to stop underestimating people. Don’t expect Africans to be content with boring old SMS and voice for long. Smartphones, droids and even iphones are much higher up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs than we realize, especially if nobody around owns a computers, your schools suck, and the government […]

  • Connecting to the Internet from Blantyre

    Just got back from visiting family in beautiful Blantyre. It’s rainy season now and there are regular rain showers every other day. Everything is green and lush. The sun is hot. The air is moist. And the shopping centres and outdoor markets of Blantyre are busy with holiday shopping. And except for a couple of […]

  • Malawi Twitterers

    As Malawi celebrates independence day tomorrow, here is a list of Malawi twitterers you might like to follow: Vincent Kumwenda – currently at Muloza border, Mulanje; topics include Malawi news, world news, interesting Malawi web pages, and soccer. He also writes a blog. Fred Bvalani – in Blantyre; tweets about mobile applications and phones, Oracle […]

  • OpenStreetMap of Blantyre

    Stumbled across this tweet about Malawi on OpenStreetMap.org. See for example the streets of Blantyre:

  • Malawi Cell Phone Numbers Change on April 1

    Malawi cell phone numbers have changed: Zain: Add 099 and the remaining 7 digits. TNM: Add 088 and the remaining 7 digits.

  • Calling Malawi from Switzerland

    Online bookmark: Check Teltarif.ch for the cheapest telephone rate to Malawi. Yesterday I couldn’t remember the name of the cheapest Swiss “callthrough” provider… and googling for something like “Billiger telefonieren Malawi” just lists tonnes of German “call-by-call” sites. BTW, Swisscom costs CHF 1.40 per minute.

  • How to Resize Photos

    My family’s email account in Blantyre was blocked twice in the past week, due to well-meaning but over-sized Christmas and New Year email greetings. Attachments with over 2 MBs. The family is still on a phone line with a very slow connection rate. And downloading emails with a large attachment takes forever and a day. […]

  • Appfrica Interview on MTN Uganda

    Just a quick note to point to an interesting interview with an official of MTN Uganda at: Appfrica: Interview With MTN’s Erik van Veen – Part 1 These points caught my eye: (…) revenues per user, are very low in Africa by international standards, and require a low cost operating model if the Operator is […]

  • Mulanje

    I just surfed through lots of cool new photos in the Malawi group on Flickr. Including these photos of Mulanje mountain by Lisa de Vreede:

  • Hong Kong Restaurant in Blantyre, Malawi

    Chinese restaurant in downtown Blantyre in Malawi. (BTW, this is a Chiperoni.ch Internet Marketing experiment…. If you read this blog post and then end up going to eat at this BT restaurant, please tell the owners where you first heard about it…)

  • Wikipedia in Tumbuka

    stumbled across this: Wikipedia in Chitumbuka

  • Back from Blantyre

    I spent a couple of sunny, winter days in Malawi’s biggest city, visiting family and meeting friends. I’ve started uploading some of my snapshots to Flickr. More to come as I sift thru the GBs of data. Travel was uneventful, except for the fact that my luggage took 6 days to arrive in Blantyre. It […]

  • Radio Stations in Malawi

    Bennett has listed an overview of Malawi radio stations: MBC Radio 1 (state broadcaster) MBC Radio 2 FM (state broadcaster) Capital FM Power 101 FM (Provides live internet streaming) Radio Maria Malawi (Provides 24 hr live internet streaming from Malawi. Currently my fave, because it brings me closer home when I am outside Malawi.) Star […]

  • CNN Report on Malawi Doctor Shortage

    There’s a CNN TV report on the shortage of qualified medical personnel in Malawi. I zapped into it yesterday. It shows the dire situation at Mulanje District Hospital and in a rural dispensary. They interviewed a volunteer doctor from Uganda, a midwife who works in rural villages, a couple of Malawian doctors that are working […]

  • Director of The Fairtrade Foundation recommends Satemwa

    and Lujeri Tea Estates in an interview with guardian.co.uk: My favourite hotels are… Locally run guesthouses. I stay in many around the world, but recently I was in the tea estates of Malawi and stayed at the Satemwa Guesthouse in Thyolo (00 265 1473 256; satemwa.com) and Lujeri Lodge (00 265 8 854 894). It […]

  • Website: review everything malawi

    I noticed a new website on Malawi: http://malawiweb.net/

  • Zomba Plateau

    Zomba Plateau

    browsing aimlessly thru my Malawi photos…

  • Malawi runners at Austin Marathon

    While googling “porters race” I found this: Rogue Training Systems, a health and fitness company in Austin, Texas, is giving Malawian runners the chance to run Austin’s AT&T Marathon in February 2008.

  • Floods in Mocambique and Malawi

    Heavy rains are causing the Zambezi and the Shire to flood. Here’s a BBC report: Heavy floods have also destroyed homes and crops, displacing thousands of people in southern and central Malawi. The Malawian government is warning people to relocate from flood-prone areas, but many have been reluctant to leave their farms.