Chiperoni weather

When temperatures drop in Blantyre, tweets show up in my timeline. Kuzizira. Rainy drizzle weather. It’s chiperoni time in June and July.

I am far away from Blantyre in sunny and warm Basel.

Enjoying a very warm and sunny European summer.

Trying to get into the habit of writing on my own blog instead of someone else’s social media platform. I love reading old blog posts here on

Perhaps I can revive the habit and post regular updates?

June has been a great month in terms of personal sporting activities. I found a good cadence. I hope I can keep up the momentum in July. My motto is: Every little bit counts.

I found out that cycling in my neighbourhood is a way to catch up on those activity kilometres that I used to do on my daily bicycle commute. With less red lights and car traffic. Note to myself: do more of that.

summer time
Summer time

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