The CMS of the day

WordPress dominates the CMS market. A statistic floated by this week, citing over 60% market share.

Via this useful GSC template for GDS, I landed on this page, discussing the dilemma of choosing the right CMS. Wanting to switch from WordPress to a new CMS is about:

  • Questioning my current usage. Do I need all the features WordPress offers?
  • Can I do better with a newer CMS?
  • Am I ready to break things to start from scratch?

Given that this WordPress install is more of a playground for me.

A sandbox to try things and reflect on articles I read.

A place to collect snapshots and memories. I happily don’t worry much about which CMS to use.

I’ve reduced on plugins. Planning to kick out even more.

I am more baffled by the fact that I am still using the same CMS. 18 years later. I think that continuity is valuable.

We have it in our own hands to reduce WordPress bloat.


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