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  • Jog log

    I went for a walk/run today. Probably about 6 km. 2 hills. Some stairs. Lots of sun. Stopped to take photos with my Samsung A6.

  • Tulipani

    Last autumn I planted some tulip bulbs in my small garden. My Flickr stream is currently full of snapshots. My own tulip mania. A selection:

  • Orange

    Orange photos

  • True blue

    Photos containing the colour blue:

  • Yellow, yellow

    A collection of photos showing the colour yellow

  • Red

    Here’s a selection of Flickr photos that contain #red:

  • Beyeler by Renzo Piano

    Photos of the Beyeler Museum in Riehen, Basel-Stadt.

  • “The boring flower snapshot” returns

    The boring flower snapshot is still going strong. I cycled past a field of flowers this week and stopped to take some snaps. The light was beautiful. Taken with my smartphone… As they say, the best camera is the one that is with you. View my album “The boring flower snapshot” on Flickr.

  • Giulia Super

    What a beautiful vintage car. I saw this snapshot in my Flickr archive. From 2008, taken in Hannover with my Canon 40D. I like this Alfa Romeo. Find out more in this Wikipedia article.

  • February flowers

    For the boring flower snapshot album, some first signs of spring.

  • When you have over 20 thousand photos on Flickr…

    I’ve been on Flickr for over a decade. And I have over 20 thousand photos. Imagine. I didn’t think this is possible. Memories. Snapshots. Visual notes. The primary beneficiary is… me. I love browsing thru my photos. I love seeing old snapshots emerge in the Flickr stats or in old links or chats. I realize […]

  • A weekend in Göteborg

    Some snapshots and memories in this Flickr album.

  • Zucchero

    A snapshot from my archives on Flickr.

  • Where are you going?

    Saw this chalk message on the pavement this week near Basel SBB train station. Where is your life going?

  • Photowalk

    I went photo-walking with the Basel Photography Meetup on Saturday. The theme was #Openings. On my way into town, I saw this yellow monster. Nothing open about it. And very noisy. I like this snapshot of openings within a gate: This snapshot of some openings in this construction site scaffolding fits my likeable criteria equally […]

  • “The boring flower snapshot” lives on

    I noticed that searching for the phrase “the boring flower snapshot” still leads to some of my flower snaps on Google and Duck Duck Go. Added some new snaps to my collection. So boring. I think this is a great example how using links and relevant anchor texts consistently can help you rank for a […]

  • Bicycle tour

    then, i took part in this velo tour organized by the Swiss Architecture Museum and Open House Basel — ?…Collect this tweet (@nchenga) May 19, 2019 I took part in a bicycle tour of public spaces and buildings in Basel. A highlight.

  • La domenica sportiva

    I went for a long slow run today. Along the Wiese river. Up to Bettingen. Via my favourite sawdust track (aka Finnenbahn) at Ausserberg. And, ending my run at the Kneipp facility in Riehen. Feeling positive and blessed.

  • Stacked

    Took this snap of a stack of newspapers some time ago. I like the pattern.

  • Tulip time

    Tulip mania

  • A postcard from Basel

    I took this snapshot last week. A postcard view of the Münster in Basel.

  • Flickr: Should I stay or should I go?

    Smug Mug acquired Flickr in April 2018. The question every long-term Flickr user is asking: Should I renew my subscription? I’ve been on Flickr for a very long time. And seen many ups and downs. Probably more downs. And it’s 2019 and I still use Flickr. Con: Subscription has doubled in price: 50$ for 1 […]

  • Leafy details

  • Making cream cake

    Watching my mom make cream cake. Click on the black area to start the video.

  • Photowalking into 2018

    I started the year with a walk in and around Riehen, Bettingen and Chrischona. Some snapshots (unedited, pêle-mêle) can be viewed on my Flickr photostream: