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  • Jog log

    I went for a walk/run today. Probably about 6 km. 2 hills. Some stairs. Lots of sun. Stopped to take photos with my Samsung A6.

  • Anecdote to remember

    I was waiting at a red traffic light on my bicycle. I was the only bicycle waiting. No cars. And the red light phase was quite long. After some time, another cyclist stopped next to me and immediately the traffic robot switched to green. I joked out loud: “You saved my day. Without you I […]

  • Jog log

    Dear blog, I am happy to report that I went running on 5 out of 7 days this past week. The plan is to replace my daily outdoor swim with a slow jog. Today I did the 2 hills tour. Starting at Bettingerstrasse, running along the Wiese river, via Sonnenhalde and Wenkenpark. More than 6 […]

  • February flowers

    For the boring flower snapshot album, some first signs of spring.

  • Cyclists, beware of tram tracks. Dangerous spot on Elisabethenstrasse in Basel

    I witnessed a motorbike crash this morning while cycling to work. I was cycling up Elisabethenstrasse when I heard a loud crash. A motorbiker had crashed on the other side of the street. At a place where the tram tracks and street don’t leave much space for cyclists and motorbikes. At exactly the same spot […]

  • Bicycle tour

    then, i took part in this velo tour organized by the Swiss Architecture Museum and Open House Basel — ?…Collect this tweet (@nchenga) May 19, 2019 I took part in a bicycle tour of public spaces and buildings in Basel. A highlight.

  • La domenica sportiva

    I went for a long slow run today. Along the Wiese river. Up to Bettingen. Via my favourite sawdust track (aka Finnenbahn) at Ausserberg. And, ending my run at the Kneipp facility in Riehen. Feeling positive and blessed.

  • A postcard from Basel

    I took this snapshot last week. A postcard view of the Münster in Basel.

  • “Büseli, Büseli”

    How to call your cat indoors on a rainy autumn evening in Basel: “Büseli, Büseli“ Büsi is Swiss-German for cat.

  • From the archives

  • Reasons to blog

    I saw this article today on the benefits of blogging: “So why should you blog?” — ✁___CollectThisTweet (@nchenga) November 1, 2015 Blogs refine your thoughts Blogs reward the creator Blogs amplify your humanity Blogs connect us to our tribes Blogs give introverts a voice Blogs reward the “new age” publishers Blogs embrace the experimenters Blogs […]

  • I like this Basel snapshot

    “Buvettes” are a big thing in Basel in summer. Their popularity is increasing. Same as street food trucks. Photos taken with a Moto G 2nd Gen smartphone. The best camera is the one that is with you.

  • Wrong way round

    Yesterday morning a cyclist decided to cycle thru one of the roundabouts the wrong way round. During early morning traffic to work. If you’re thinking probably a bicycle courier: This cyclist was a woman in her 30s or 40s. Nothing happened. No accident followed. But it still had me shaking my head. Road traffic rules […]

  • I went photo-walking today

    I hope you like some of the snaps I took today:

  • Handheld snapshot of Wettstein Bridge

    I quite like this snapshot of Wettstein Bridge.

  • Four Flickr faves for a snapshot

    I took this snapshot on Friday evening on my way home from work: Since then it’s received four Flickr faves. Hope you like it.

  • An umbrella of petals

    Snapshot of the day:

  • Sunny snapshots

    Sunday’s afternoon sun was special. Soft and golden. So beautiful. Here are some snapshots I captured with my Panasonic Lumix:

  • ET phone home

    I like this blog post on the Crossroads website: Home for Christmas. ET phone home. Growing up in Malawi, I probably don’t share the same level of contemplative Christmas (“besinnliche Weihnachten”) memories that my fellow German compatriots may have experienced. It’s difficult to emulate some Christmas traditions when it’s over 30 degrees warm. My mom […]

  • A fave for

    This is a blog post to say thank you to On Monday morning, I noticed that I had forgotten my bicycle lock at home. Since I don’t have a lockable place to store my bike near work, I hurried to the closest bicycle shop planning to buy a substitute. When I noticed I’d forgotten […]

  • Photo walk

    I walked up Tüllinger Hügel and took some snapshots:

  • A snapshot from Basel

  • Ten twenty seven

    Sipping coffee. Reading tweets. Faving Flickr photos. And listening to “Klassik-Pop-et cetera” on Some music references to remember: Paul Gerhard “Ich steh an deiner Krippe hier” Mahalia Jackson “Go tell it on the mountain” Pete Seeger Johann Sebastian Bach “Ich lasse dich nicht denn du segnest mich denn” Some ancient poetry that crossed my […]

  • Observations

    On my home from work, I cycled home past 3 large groups of joggers. I saw another group further up and thought to myself: “OK, this will be a group of nordic walkers”. I was wrong. I passed another group of joggers. Stalemate of the Spambots reminds me of this Lift 11 talk by Kevin […]

  • Unplanned photo tour

    Walked thru parts of Riehen and Chrischona today. The weather was better than expected. Took lots of flower snapshots for the boring flower snapshot set. So boring they easily qualify. I found this sign on my way back to my bicycle: Made me smile.   I continued exploring Jekyll (see yesterday’s post). Bin gespannt.   […]