Anecdote to remember

I was waiting at a red traffic light on my bicycle. I was the only bicycle waiting. No cars. And the red light phase was quite long. After some time, another cyclist stopped next to me and immediately the traffic robot switched to green. I joked out loud: “You saved my day. Without you I… Continue reading Anecdote to remember

Favourite podcasts

The Hidden Brain by NPR: I listened to this one all about debt: This episode all about scarcity was particularly impressive: Ted Radio Hour by NPR: About loneliness: How I built this by NPR: How Ben and Jerry Ice Cream was founded: The Story behind Recaptcha: ARD Radio Tatort (crime fiction… Continue reading Favourite podcasts

(I hereby confess that I miss Twitter th …

(I hereby confess that I miss Twitter the moment it goes down for maintenance, but since my new WordPress Theme provides a similar feature, i.e. I can post directly from the main homepage, here’s a Chiperoni tweet, obviously following the @nchenga convention…) Andrew Meldrum was on CNN this morning. I found this article at the… Continue reading (I hereby confess that I miss Twitter th …


Stumbled across this, while searching for “tintin comic” for a work-related task: A collection of cars that appeared in the Tintin comics. (via).