went on a short hike yesterday, sort of following this route to Meltingerberg and Erschwil.

“sort of” cos missing a turn-off somewhere, meant walking back for about 20 mins. Reached the bus stop safely and in time.





chip update

It’s drizzling a little bit in Basel but still beautifully warm… time to catch up with the blogging world.

2 weekends ago I took the Postauto to the Passwang tunnel and walked up to the Passwang (about 1200m). On a clear day you can see the Alps from here. I walked to Reigoldswil and then took the bus back into Basel. Very enjoyable, very close. Category: Must repeat.

Remember the Volvo ad with the car full of different sports equipment? That’s a bit what I feel like… A couple of weeks ago I bought new takkies, then I bought my first pair of hiking boots, and yesterday: new swimming togs and goggles.

I like Europe in summer…

A couple of interesting links that caught my eye this week: