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  • Jog log

    I went for a walk/run today. Probably about 6 km. 2 hills. Some stairs. Lots of sun. Stopped to take photos with my Samsung A6.

  • Orange

    Orange photos

  • Yellow, yellow

    A collection of photos showing the colour yellow

  • Red

    Here’s a selection of Flickr photos that contain #red:

  • “The boring flower snapshot” returns

    The boring flower snapshot is still going strong. I cycled past a field of flowers this week and stopped to take some snaps. The light was beautiful. Taken with my smartphone… As they say, the best camera is the one that is with you. View my album “The boring flower snapshot” on Flickr.

  • Flickr: Should I stay or should I go?

    Smug Mug acquired Flickr in April 2018. The question every long-term Flickr user is asking: Should I renew my subscription? I’ve been on Flickr for a very long time. And seen many ups and downs. Probably more downs. And it’s 2019 and I still use Flickr. Con: Subscription has doubled in price: 50$ for 1 […]

  • Snapshots of the day

    I took part in yesterday’s Basel Photography Meetup. The topic was construction sites. Quite a challenge. And inspiring to see what other photographers see at the same location. My snaps: My fave of the day is really for my collection of bicycle content. Velo content for the win:

  • Best snapshot of 2015?

    Here is an attempt to find my best snapshot per month for 2015. January 2015 February 2015 March 2015 April 2015 May 2015 June 2015 July 2015 August 2015 September 2015 October 2015 November 2015 December 2015 The method: I quickly scanned through my photos on a per month basis and selected a photo based […]

  • Print candidate http://flic.kr/p/h2ooiq

    Print candidate http://flic.kr/p/h2ooiq

    I think this photo http://flic.kr/p/h2ooiq would make a nice poster…

  • Blantyre photos

  • Link captions in WordPress

    There is a plugin for WordPress that simplifies adding hyperlinks to captions Many thanks to {a.} of Handmade 2.0 for sharing this info. Link captions simplify the attribution of Creative Commons photos shared in the public domain. Before using any photo, check the licensing conditions first. At Flickr, these are listed in the right sidebar […]

  • How to Resize Photos

    My family’s email account in Blantyre was blocked twice in the past week, due to well-meaning but over-sized Christmas and New Year email greetings. Attachments with over 2 MBs. The family is still on a phone line with a very slow connection rate. And downloading emails with a large attachment takes forever and a day. […]

  • Swiss Peeks

    Just a link to support a great Flickr project: Swiss Peeks is a series of books of photographs taken in Switzerland. The books, published twice each year, contain photographs by amateur and professional photographers alike, which have been shared online and submitted specifically for inclusion in the books.

  • Puzzled

    This t-shirt text puzzled me this morning… ZIM TST ERN I figured it out after a while but at first I kept associating ZIM with Zimbabwe. I’ve uploaded two batches of snapshots to my Flickr stream. I’m a snapshotter at heart and I’m not spending much time correcting or editing my work (yet). Unhindered by […]

  • I am a snow bird

    just got back from one week Southern Florida. More snaps in my Flickr stream: http://flickr.com/photos/chiperoni/.

  • Upload to Flickr with Quicksilver

    This looks useful: Upload to Flickr with Quicksilver The QS plugin page is here. I still need to try out the new Flickr Uploadr that was released a couple of weeks ago.