Chiperoni goes Mobile (kind of)

As part of my ongoing research regarding internet access via low bandwidth connections, I saw App+frica displaying a mobile version at I installed the same MobilePress plugin and activated it a few minutes ago. Based on the plugin description, it should detect if you’re accessing the website with a mobile device and display a …

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Meeting Mlle A.

Last Saturday I met the elusive and mysterious Mlle A. at a coffee place* in Hannover. Once or twice during the conversation there was a cross-reference to something I or Mlle. A. had written or linked to. And for me that’s one of the powerful side-effects of blogging: there’s a regular reader’s familiarity built over …

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Not new

At Lift 07 there was a panel on technological overload. The video of the panel is available here. Update: Since Google Video is no more, the video can be viewed on Vimeo Panel Discussion:Dealing with technological overload (Lift07 EN) from Lift Conference on Vimeo. Fellow blogger Mlle. A. pointed out that this kind of discussion …

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Via this Flickr comment I heard that there’s a Sakku competition for bloggers… I already blogged about Sakku bags some time ago. And I would love to win a bag. As a knowledge worker and digital nomad, I believe I’m the right candidate 🙂 I’ll write a review. Take photos. And test the solar cells …

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nchenga’s Web 2.0 roundup: Links and comments

How many online services did you sign up for, use once or twice, and then never return again? In my case, that would be lots of ’em. Some of them are really popular services like Digg or Mister Wong, where I just haven’t found a personal use case, or I’ve got a substitute or workaround. …

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Benefits of Blogging

I like this summary on the Benefits of Blogging Meet and greet Self documenting Self promoting (if you want to, that is) Mentoring Education Giving back (I would say: sharing) There’s also the side-effect that when I write about a topic it helps me to reflect more on a topic and organize my thoughts.