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  • Referral traffic from social media has dropped

    I saw this Bufferapp article on declining social media traffic. We’ve lost nearly half our social referral traffic in the last year I say. No wonder. Everybody is online, creating tonnes of content. Most people are too busy to read, let alone follow so many data streams. Many web pages don’t get any traffic at […]

  • Notes and photos from #UXcampch

    Some notes and photos from Saturday’s UX camp in Zürich: Adrian Sameli took us thru the process of building infographics. His tip on tools to use: Excel and Adobe Illustrator. He tried one or two infographic tools but didn’t like them much. In the discussion we looked at Next, I attended a session on […]

  • #POSSE: A clickable demo of my simple #indieweb blog

    Here’s a simple example how you can publish your content on your own site and syndicate elsewhere (POSSE): I posted a boring flower snapshot into my self-hosted WordPress (WP) blog. WP posted the entry to Twitter using WP plugins Hum and Publicize One of my Twitter followers replied to my tweet. Using Webmention, the tweet […]

  • How Corporations are Deploying in the Collaborative Economy

    Can big brands learn from Uber, Kickstarter, Airbnb and the Maker Movement? via Study: How Corporations are Deploying in the Collaborative Economy | Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Digital Business.

  • #POSSE learnings – Things to add

    Testing in progress. I’m using my self-hosted WordPress to tweet. It works. WordPress offers Aside and Link formats for short entries. Some things I’ll need to add or general comments: I often tweet external links I find interesting. Twitter is my Delicious substitute. I need some kind of URL shortener for links that will appear […]

  • Malawi on Twitter – Version June 2013

    Twitter lists are its most powerful and least-used feature. (Source) While I am fully aware, that Twitter lists have lost significance in the past years, I still maintain a list on Malawi. Since the early days of Twitter, Malawian content has increased many fold. Social media content about Malawi during general election time, or about […]

  • Bufferapp stats for tweets and posts

    I am confused by the analytics view shown in Bufferapp. Consider the 2 tweets i posted this morning: One has 0 (zero) clicks and one has close to 200. I am not questioning the 0. It’s a known fact Twitter engagement has gone down. Disappeared. But… I am fairly sure that nobody clicked on my […]

  • Today

    For future reference, some twitter poetry to keep: Faved RT @MissKateSmall: RT @SummerHouseSA: “What day is it?” asked Pooh. “Its today” squeaked Piglet. “My favourite day” said Pooh. ☺ — sand (@nchenga) June 7, 2012

  • My Sunday fun tweet…

    In response to @livilodge’s RT of @runwildsafaris’ tweet: RT @runwildsafaris: Giraffe herd. Big Kudu bull, 2,5 turns on the horns, Impala, Wildebees, Zebra. Some cloud on the horizon. Hot afternoon. — richard chanter (@livilodge) April 15, 2012 I wrote: @livilodge @runwildsafaris rainy grey day in basel, switzerland. Saw a couple of dogs on leashes. You […]

  • Sunny Sunday

    I just got back from a run around the Finnenbahn. The distance is nothing to write home about, but it was a pleasurable experience with temperatures around 18 degrees. Spring is here. With all the fresh air rushing thru my system, I was in mindblogging mode. Reflecting on all the data I have been consuming […]

  • Rules, guidelines, research and more

    hmmm… 70% of your tweets should share resources- sharing others’ voices, opinions, quotes, blog posts, articles, content and resources 20% of your tweets should engage in conversations with others, responding, connecting, collaborating and connecting with others. 10% of your tweets can be chirping, chitchat as Angela calls it, on trivial details or self-promotion. via 10 […]

  • Malawi Twitterers

    As Malawi celebrates independence day tomorrow, here is a list of Malawi twitterers you might like to follow: Vincent Kumwenda – currently at Muloza border, Mulanje; topics include Malawi news, world news, interesting Malawi web pages, and soccer. He also writes a blog. Fred Bvalani – in Blantyre; tweets about mobile applications and phones, Oracle […]

  • Mindblogging

    Inspired by lots of fresh air After lots of hours cramped in front of my books, trying to catch up with my studies, I went jogging for a couple of rounds on the Finnenbahn ( a sawdust track ) in the woods. Usually I find running around in circles boring. But today I didn’t mind […]

  • Hiding in Full Public View

    In January my stats dropped to an all time low. There are a number of reasons, I guess. One reason is that I haven’t been writing much lately. Just an occasional link. Short cross-references to my Flickr stream. That’s it. Another reason is my retro-style homepage, which points to my other life stream options (Twitter, […]

  • Ten Differences between Skype and Twitter

    On the train to northern Germany. Three more hours to go. It’s been a long day and my motivation to get some work done is kind of missing. So here’s a text message from the train. Longer than 140 characters. Maybe. Two doctors across the aisle are loudly discussing other doctors, Basel hospitals, the Swiss […]

  • On Following Tweet Streams

    I recently talked to Persillie on the difficulty of following people’s tweet streams. Esp. if you have a limited time budget and can only tune into Twitter every so often. For example, I follow Kathy Sierra’s stream at Twitter. You can see quite a few of her 140 character statements in my Twitter Favorites. Re: […]

  • Daily Tweets

    just got a usb stick with joomla and a server installed. Thanks Joomla Switzerland! # @mllea i haz joomla # having a look at # ubuntu iz cool # i’ve been snitching candy/sweets everytime i walked past the ubuntu table # @mllea how can i delete my technorati acc? (remembering attempt to delete stumbleupon […]

  • Daily Tweets

    A train passenger across the aisle is reading ‘the black swan’ #

  • Daily Tweets

    "SPIEGEL: Have met you Carla Bruni yet?" # tibits in basel has WLAN. yay. # sxsw panel on social media ads that went wrong: # “This kind of advertising is hurting our online ecosystem. It needs to be self-policed by those within the industry.” via white african # time to move on. they’re […]

  • Daily Tweets

    i missed this interesting development in German politics: #

  • Daily Tweets

    coffee time # I signed up at a fitness center this week. Today was the first training session. Went well. Not regretting my decision. # "free-wheeling anarchist individual blogger" # corporate blogging: "What we are talking about is something in between a real human voice and completely polished corporate speak." #

  • Daily Tweets

    nearly friday… #

  • Daily Tweets

    the jog log: felt very tired during today’s run. side effect of the drop in temperature? route: tour de st. jakob #

  • Daily Tweets

    the jog log: 50 mins, very rainy and windy at first, stopped raining towards the end. #

  • Daily Tweets

    just watched "yes we can " video (via Lunch over IP) #