Twitter question: I have a protected account. How do I approve my follower requests?

Yesterday someone asked me how to approve follower requests from an iPhone. It turns out that you can’t approve follower requests from the iPhone app. You need to approve followers via the web or email: If you have protected your Tweets, you can approve followers from your account home page or profile page (see screenshots… Continue reading Twitter question: I have a protected account. How do I approve my follower requests?

Twitter for the masses

I saw this retweet pointing to Jeremy Toeman’s article Will normal folks ever use Twitter?”. (By default that makes me un-normal….) He makes an excellent point which matches my own experience. Most people don’t see the added benefit of using Twitter. The uses are difficult to grasp. Especially since Twitter turned off the SMS service… Continue reading Twitter for the masses

Malawi Twitterers

As Malawi celebrates independence day tomorrow, here is a list of Malawi twitterers you might like to follow: Vincent Kumwenda – currently at Muloza border, Mulanje; topics include Malawi news, world news, interesting Malawi web pages, and soccer. He also writes a blog. Fred Bvalani – in Blantyre; tweets about mobile applications and phones, Oracle… Continue reading Malawi Twitterers

The internet is for everyone

Got to love the Internet. Nothing is too obscure. Videos of rain And a web page for non-twitterers… Tell the world why you don’t tweet: Buon weekend

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On Twitter

Excellent talk. Presenter Laura Fitton says good content is noticed and forwarded even if there are only a few followers. Another strength of Twitter is that it supports multi-interfaces and devices. Not limited to a browser.

Ten Differences between Skype and Twitter

On the train to northern Germany. Three more hours to go. It’s been a long day and my motivation to get some work done is kind of missing. So here’s a text message from the train. Longer than 140 characters. Maybe. Two doctors across the aisle are loudly discussing other doctors, Basel hospitals, the Swiss… Continue reading Ten Differences between Skype and Twitter

Twitter, SMS and Africa

This recent Twitter announcement is disappointing on a personal level, but also on a more global level as White African discusses: Twitter represents a change in communication. By acting as a global gateway for updates via SMS (or the web), that then updates all of your followers, Twitter succeeded in breaking ground in one-to-many messaging.… Continue reading Twitter, SMS and Africa

Web to SMS

for future reference: I use Twitter’s direct messages to send out an occasional text message. I’m trying to set up a Twitter account for my family in Blantyre. The idea would be to DM them via Twitter. But somehow, the cell phone authentication is *not* working. (Any ideas?) As an alternative, I found this page… Continue reading Web to SMS