Moving from Google Reader to

Even though Google Reader showed up prominently in yesterday’s SERPs for “best free RSS reader”, someone at Google has decided to end the product life of Google Reader. It’s time to move on to a new RSS reader. Several RSS readers managed to survive despite Google Reader’s dominance. And some new ones emerged. These tools […]

How to Backup your Twitter World

As many of you probably learnt by experience, Twitter Search only shows results for the last couple of days. I guess, one of the preliminary assumptions is that you consider your collection of 140-character-long phrases valuable. And would like to search thru them from time to time. Friendfeed One easy workaround is to add your […]

Adding my feed to my Google Reader

I guess I’m trying to be too clever: The Scenario I added my feed to my Google Reader account. Then selected a feed item and clicked Share. Within Google Reader this works ok. I can click on the link and the corresponding URL opens. So far so good. No problems. But if I display […]