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  • What will an SEO audit be like in 10 years?

    A couple of months ago, I went thru an SEO audit. I wanted to write a blog post to reflect on what I learned. This is my feeble attempt to collect my thoughts and jot down some notes. Where available, I’ve tried to list my source links. What is an SEO audit? In an audit, […]

  • Multi-headed Drupal

    For future reference: Some background links on setting up large Drupal sites: Talk at DrupalCon Munich by Crell Multi-headed Drupal Domain access Organic groups

  • Drupal 7: Wrapper for an HTML file

    I was looking for a wrapper for an HTML file, like Joomla offers. I found a way to load an existing HTML file into my Drupal 7 site using a module called insertFrame. In /admin/config/content/formats/full_html select the box Include iFrame with auto-height feature. Then add [[[]]] to a page or post. I still have a […]

  • Blogging for Content Developers

    At an undisclosed location in the very near future, the editor of this beautiful blog will be holding a talk on a high-flying topic yet to be prepared. Blogging for Content Developers I’ve decided to give this whole project a jump-start by writing down the outline in my blog… because getting started is always the […]

  • Using WordPress as a CMS

    Something to try out: From Weblog to CMS with WordPress

  • evaluating eZ publish

    I tried out eZ publish yesterday… i’m still looking for a CMS for end-users that don’t know any html. It’s pretty impressive! Offers a lot of stuff out-of-the-box. Easy step-by-step install. Next step is to try and find out how to customize and adapt the included templates. I also tried out phpwcms as somebody recommended […]

  • evaluating Drupal 4.6.3

    I’ve finally downloaded and installed Drupal to get an idea if this would be a possible CMS for a small web project I’m planning to start. Installing the basic modules and setting up the MySQL database was straightforward. No problems here. What I’m finding more daunting is the CMS interface itself. There are a lot […]

  • Java vs. PHP CMS/Portals

    there’s a long but interesting discussion going on about content management systems at The Server Side. See: Ask TSS: Do any Java CMS/Portals match the PHP ones? There’s a lot of references to useful tools (both PHP and Java). Cos of the sheer number of different tools it’s all the more important to have a […]