Month: July 2008


in my mailbox: Hi there, You recently registered to get fring, but sadly your phone was not supported Well , good news, the wait is over, and weÂ’re delighted to now invite you to join the fring community! Caution: short techie bit coming up… Until now, phones running on Java ME software (for example lots …

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This t-shirt text puzzled me this morning… ZIM TST ERN I figured it out after a while but at first I kept associating ZIM with Zimbabwe. I’ve uploaded two batches of snapshots to my Flickr stream. I’m a snapshotter at heart and I’m not spending much time correcting or editing my work (yet). Unhindered by …

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The Coca-Cola Index

Recommended read (via White African): AFRICANS buy 36 billion bottles of Coke a year. Because the price is set so low—around 20-30 American cents, less than the price of the average newspaper—and because sales are so minutely analysed by Coca-Cola, the Coke bottle may be one of the continent’s best trackers of stability and prosperity. …

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More CVS commands for humble MarComm folks

(for future reference) To remove a tag and file: cvs tag -d “tagname” filename cvs remove -f filename cvs commit -m “message” filename To tag an entire folder: cvs tag -F “tagname” foldername I started using command line cvs more frequently. These are reminders for myself. In addition to the cvs help.