More CVS commands for humble MarComm folks

(for future reference)

To remove a tag and file:

cvs tag -d "tagname" filename

cvs remove -f filename

cvs commit -m "message" filename

To tag an entire folder:

cvs tag -F "tagname" foldername

I started using command line cvs more frequently. These are reminders for myself. In addition to the cvs help.

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Marketer’s Cheat Sheet for cvs and svn?

At work we use cvs and subversion for version control, light years better than Visual SourceSafe.
I’m trying to extend my active command line knowledge of cvs and svn… Remember I’m a low and humble marketer / content developer / writer.

Regular commands I use:

cvs update
cvs commit -m "message" filename

cvs tag -F "tagname" filename
cvs update -dPr tagname to checkout a tagged version
cvs update -dPA to return to head

I’m using cvs (command) --help to list the various options available.

I’m a visual person, and can remember best when I write things down and see them. How do you keep on top of cvs and svn commands? Can you recommend a cheat sheet?