in my mailbox:

Hi there,

You recently registered to get fring, but sadly your phone was not supported

Well , good news, the wait is over, and weÂ’re delighted to now invite you to join the fring community!

Caution: short techie bit coming up…

Until now, phones running on Java ME software (for example lots of cool Nokia & Sony EricssonÂ’s) have not been able to be part of fring because the technology of these devices is very different from the others in the fring family. One of the main differences is that they handle voice calling in a very specific way that makes it difficult for fring voice to be included.

…end of Techie bit!

So, in response to literally thousands of potential Java ME fringsters wanting to become part of our growing global community, weÂ’ve created a special version just for you called minifring, enabling you to connect with other fringsters and all of your online communities from your mobile for free and enjoy the benefits of being part of fring.

With minifring you can now use some of the most popular bits of fring to keep in touch with all of your other fring, Skype, GoogleTalk, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, and Twitter, buddies, for free while youÂ’re on the go. You can enjoy the same rich IM-style chat, and real-time presence as other fringsters, so youÂ’ll know at a glance whoÂ’s available, whoÂ’s in a call, and whoÂ’s already chatting. YouÂ’ll see all of your online buddies and phone address book contacts in one convenient searchable list. And youÂ’ll be able to send music, picture, video and other digital files easily and quickly from your mobile without the cost or hassle of MMS, Bluetooth, cables or infrared.

Best of all, youÂ’ll be able to experience for yourself what fringing freedom is all about!

Just as with fring, you can connect over any mobile internet connection – 3G, WiFi, Edge, GPRS (and soon WIMAX) And it doesnÂ’t matter which mobile network operator youÂ’re a member of – all you need is a data subscription, and weÂ’ll give you fring.

And if you get a phone in the future which supports fringÂ’s voice calling, you can seamlessly transfer and enjoy the full fring experience without any hassle.

To join up, simply visit, click the Download button and follow the step-by-step instructions and youÂ’ll be a fringster before you know it!

We look forward to welcoming you to the family.

The fring team.

Sounds interesting. And it’s good timing. Cos a lot of people are now talking about mobile apps.

hmm… I can’t find my Sony Ericsson W810i in the list.

(the apostrophes showed up like this in my mail = authencity)

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