The Sunday before Christmas
The jog log: Slow but steep run to Bettingen (the long way) through slush, mud and melted snow. The temperature was around 5 to 8 degrees plus. Perfect running weather. The soles of my feet were burning for much of the way. Maybe the wrong pair of socks…? But I kept going and feel relaxed […]
RSS Feeds
Here are a couple of links in preparation for a meeting tomorrow where I get to explain how I use RSS feeds. What is an RSS Feed? Definition: Wikipedia has a good overall description. There’s a video explaining RSS feeds in plain English: How do I use RSS feeds? To follow niche topics: to keep […]
shadow on the wall
Photo walking is more fun when conditions are not quite as cold as yesterday (about 3 degrees plus and windy). Older snapshot from a recent trip to Hannover:
Still find snow exciting. Like a little kid. Frozen water falling from the sky. The tag: living in a deep freezer
Running Tips for the Cold Season
The transition from European autumn to winter still isn’t easy for this Malawi-born blogger. Even after so many years. I find it’s more difficult to go out running when it’s raining, windy and icy cold. But just like with warm weather, running outside is a good way to get accustomed to the cold season. And […]
SMS for Rural Health Service in Malawi
Before I rush into my busy day: CNN has published an article on Josh Nesbit’s project at St. George’s in Namitete, Malawi. I wrote about the project here and talked about it at BlogCampSwitzerland.