Running Tips for the Cold Season

dreaming of warmer climate

The transition from European autumn to winter still isn’t easy for this Malawi-born blogger. Even after so many years. I find it’s more difficult to go out running when it’s raining, windy and icy cold. But just like with warm weather, running outside is a good way to get accustomed to the cold season. And it can be very refreshing to have fresh, crisp December air rushing into your system.

Here are a couple for tips:

  1. Layers Wear 2 or 3 layers, so that you can remove a layer or two once you feel warm.
  2. Gloves and a beanie Wear gloves and a beanie to keep your hands and head warm.
  3. Breathing If temperatures drop below zero, breathing can be difficult and can cause a stabbing pain in your lung area. Start running slowly, close your mouth and breathe through your nose to warm the air before it hits your lungs. Usually the stabbing pain stops after a couple of minutes. If it doesn’t, it’s probably time for the indoor tread mill.
  4. Change your schedule On the weekends I run during the early afternoons, while it is light. And I try different routes.
  5. Join a running group Meeting with others helps to stay motivated. Sometimes.

I’m writing these tips for myself, ‘cos that special German phenomenon called innere Schweinehund (literally inner pig dog) has been creeping in.

This afternoon I ran for about an hour from Riehen up to Bettingen. After about 5 minutes I started feeling warm, and when I reached Bettingen I saw a beautiful view of the Black Forest mountains. I ended my run with some stair exercises. And now I’ve got something to write about. To show off. Priceless.

By nchenga

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