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  • The Sunday before Christmas

    The jog log: Slow but steep run to Bettingen (the long way) through slush, mud and melted snow. The temperature was around 5 to 8 degrees plus. Perfect running weather. The soles of my feet were burning for much of the way. Maybe the wrong pair of socks…? But I kept going and feel relaxed […]

  • Reading List

    A regular reader of has suggested that I add a book list. Yesterday I stopped by at the uni library and browsed thru the marketing section. I picked up “How Customers Think” by Gerald Zaltmann. And some pages caught my eye. The 10’000 feet view. Ways to find original ideas and get out of […]

  • Holiday reading II

    I recently read “Digging to America” by Anne Tyler. It’s an easy read. I read the entire book in one day while travelling. I can’t really decide on my recommendation level though. I liked it because it feels like a biography and I tend to like biographies. It feels a bit like real life, i.e. […]

  • The next please

    aargh* Here’s the next marketing book to read: Interview with Seth Godin about Meatball Sundae What a name for a book. *just finished reading “The new Rules of Marketing and PR”