I like this quote: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Attributed to Theodore Roosevelt but sounds like it could have originated in my childhood somewhere.
Interested in technology
I stumbled across this quote: We assume that people are interested in technology, just because we are. Most people aren’t.
The Sunday before Christmas
The jog log: Slow but steep run to Bettingen (the long way) through slush, mud and melted snow. The temperature was around 5 to 8 degrees plus. Perfect running weather. The soles of my feet were burning for much of the way. Maybe the wrong pair of socks…? But I kept going and feel relaxed […]
I blog to share
like this Brian Solis post. And especially this quote: Personally I blog to share information, ideas, and thoughts and observations that may or may not help people. I’m not in the news business. Nor am I in the blogging business. But even still, it is a significant commitment, one I’m currently weighing in the greater […]
free-wheeling anarchist individual
I read this in one of my Google Reader links: http://twitter.com/nchenga/statuses/768186400 On the other hand the very same people will complain that blogs are boring, describing everyday routines. Don’t think any of the two adjectives describe the low key, reserved aims of this blog.
Architects and power
Daniel Libeskind on architects working in China: “I won’t work for totalitarian regimes,” (…) “Architects should take a more ethical stance.”
Blogs can kill brands
good quote: In a pre-web world, marketing was synonymous with advertising; today, the customer is active and has true recourse. via Swissmiss