The fast track to DIY images

For all my creative photography friends, here’s an article by Moz on how images boost conversion. And a list of tools. Visage Recordit GIFboom (no link cos the sample photos look like they are intended for a dating site) Placeit Studio SnapChat (errr… really?) The sample images displayed in the Moz […]

Recommended article: Great content isn’t the same as long-form content

Here’s a Moz article on the current trend to write long-form articles. Great Content ≠ Long-Form Content Long-form articles need to be well-researched. Just going for length is not going to work. “Create content that helps people.” It’s fun… writing about long-form articles in very short blog posts.

Museum Unterlinden in Colmar

On my daily bicycle commute, I kept noticing art posters, labelled Le nouvel Unterlinden. Today, I saw a Designboom article, shared by someone in my community, discussing the newly renovated museum in Colmar. herzog & de meuron renovates and extends colmar's musée unterlinden — designboom (@designboom) February 7, 2016 Connection made. Advertising works. […]

It’s February already

I listened to the latest episode of The Big Web Show this weekend. The topic was interaction architecture. Here’s a tweet pointing to the show: Is Information Architecture a dead art, or does it matter more than ever?@abby_the_ia @zeldman Big Web Show â„– 142 — The Big Web Show (@thebigwebshow) January 22, 2016 On Sunday […]

Best snapshot of 2015?

Here is an attempt to find my best snapshot per month for 2015. January 2015 February 2015 March 2015 April 2015 May 2015 June 2015 July 2015 August 2015 September 2015 October 2015 November 2015 December 2015 The method: I quickly scanned through my photos on a per month basis and selected a photo based […]

A vine a day

I’ve started using Vine on my 2nd generation Moto G. I haven’t bought a tripod or started editing vines. Some recent shots: Everyday typography: Everyday typography — ✁___CollectThisTweet (@nchenga) October 22, 2015 Chiperoni ku Basel (drizzle rain in Basel): Chiperoni ku Basel — ✁___CollectThisTweet (@nchenga) October 15, 2015 Velo culture: Velo culture […]

You are not the user

Via the #confluencecon hashtag, I found some good background articles (thank you @ruthburr, @danlovejoy for tweeting). You are NOT the user. #ConfluenceCon #UX #Marketing — Dan Lovejoy (@danlovejoy) September 10, 2015 Take the time to understand your user. It will decrease the risk of creating an an unfavorable experience and give you an opportunity […]


Two sites that I read regularly – Moz and Hubspot – analyzed and wrote about their own blog post frequency. Quality vs. Quantity: A 6-Month Analysis of the Age-Old Blogging Debate Raising the Bar: A Publishing Volume Experiment on the Moz Blog I am stunned. Flabbergasted. How will small and medium-sized enterprises thrive in such […]

What will an SEO audit be like in 10 years?

A couple of months ago, I went thru an SEO audit. I wanted to write a blog post to reflect on what I learned. This is my feeble attempt to collect my thoughts and jot down some notes. Where available, I’ve tried to list my source links. What is an SEO audit? In an audit, […]