Web to SMS
for future reference: I use Twitter’s direct messages to send out an occasional text message. I’m trying to set up a Twitter account for my family in Blantyre. The idea would be to DM them via Twitter. But somehow, the cell phone authentication is *not* working. (Any ideas?) As an alternative, I found this page […]
Stumbled across this, while searching for “tintin comic” for a work-related task: A collection of cars that appeared in the Tintin comics. (via).
Started talking about the tree line in the Alps and looked up this page and this page. Factors: Depends on aspect of slope, rain, and distance to the poles (or how close it is to the equator), and in some cases vegetation… Swiss Alps: 2100 m Mount Kilmanjaro, Tanzania: 3000 m Andes, South America: 3900 […]
i went a’ photowalking (again)
Searching for a new, versatile WP theme
I’ve been browsing around (aimlessly) looking at WordPress themes. Uploaded a couple and tried them out, but there’s always something that I don’t like. Typography, comments, additional plugins I need to use the theme. After a while I return to my 3 column version of K2. What I don’t like are hard-coded navigation or list […]
Zimbabwe’s Future
Newspaper column by Peter Godwin in an Australian newspaper: “Did you know that Zimbabweans have the highest IQ in the world?” she says. Hmm, that seems a little over-patriotic. “Yes,” she continues, “I queue for sugar, I queue for salt, I queue for fuel, I queue for cooking oil.” And she bursts into peals of […]
Next Level Parzival
Here’s a blog post to encourage you to go see “Next Level Parzival” at the Schauspielhaus in Basel. I saw it yesterday evening and can recommend it. If you’re a bit like me, you’ll read the Wikipedia entry on Parzival afterwards. Further links: Deutschlandfunk
The power of procrastination
No more work for today. I’m heading home to watch Tatort. Note to myself: alles wird gut never give up learn the unforced rhythms of grace
CNN Report on Malawi Doctor Shortage
There’s a CNN TV report on the shortage of qualified medical personnel in Malawi. I zapped into it yesterday. It shows the dire situation at Mulanje District Hospital and in a rural dispensary. They interviewed a volunteer doctor from Uganda, a midwife who works in rural villages, a couple of Malawian doctors that are working […]
Check out this music video by John Legend. It’s part of the Show Me Campaign. John (…) recently shot and released a music video in Tanzania for the Show Me Campaign to introduce his fans to critical global issues. Watch this story of a young boy overwhelmed by the weight of the world who is […]
Scared by my own Tweets
(introspection) Amakhala scared. Seeing my own tweets display on my blog is kind of frightening and scary. And has a sci-fi weirdness. I think I’ll deactivate the display of tweets for a while. Tweets contain a lot of personal information. And it’s searchable. Let’s see who’s having coffee… My only consolation: there is such a […]
Daily Tweets
just got a usb stick with joomla and a server installed. Thanks Joomla Switzerland! # @mllea i haz joomla # having a look at http://www.openmoko.org # ubuntu iz cool # i’ve been snitching candy/sweets everytime i walked past the ubuntu table # @mllea how can i delete my technorati acc? (remembering attempt to delete stumbleupon […]
Daily Tweets
A train passenger across the aisle is reading ‘the black swan’ #
Daily Tweets
"SPIEGEL: Have met you Carla Bruni yet?" http://tinyurl.com/36pxba # tibits in basel has WLAN. yay. # sxsw panel on social media ads that went wrong: http://whiteafrican.com/?p=935#more-935. # “This kind of advertising is hurting our online ecosystem. It needs to be self-policed by those within the industry.” via white african # time to move on. they’re […]
free-wheeling anarchist individual
I read this in one of my Google Reader links: http://twitter.com/nchenga/statuses/768186400 On the other hand the very same people will complain that blogs are boring, describing everyday routines. Don’t think any of the two adjectives describe the low key, reserved aims of this blog.
Architects and power
Daniel Libeskind on architects working in China: “I won’t work for totalitarian regimes,” (…) “Architects should take a more ethical stance.”
red on grey
today’s fave
Daily Tweets
i missed this interesting development in German politics: http://tinyurl.com/3bmmbz #
Bike in the city
Bike cartoons from Paris: Bike in the city – le blog BD de Leah qui nous raconte sa vie / sa ville à  vélo.
Daily Tweets
coffee time # I signed up at a fitness center this week. Today was the first training session. Went well. Not regretting my decision. # "free-wheeling anarchist individual blogger" http://tinyurl.com/32rfzm # corporate blogging: "What we are talking about is something in between a real human voice and completely polished corporate speak." #
Daily Tweets
nearly friday… #
This sounds like a lot of fun
What is Twitter?
A short video explaining Twitter:
Director of The Fairtrade Foundation recommends Satemwa
and Lujeri Tea Estates in an interview with guardian.co.uk: My favourite hotels are… Locally run guesthouses. I stay in many around the world, but recently I was in the tea estates of Malawi and stayed at the Satemwa Guesthouse in Thyolo (00 265 1473 256; satemwa.com) and Lujeri Lodge (00 265 8 854 894). It […]