Searching for a new, versatile WP theme

I’ve been browsing around (aimlessly) looking at WordPress themes.

Uploaded a couple and tried them out, but there’s always something that I don’t like. Typography, comments, additional plugins I need to use the theme. After a while I return to my 3 column version of K2.

What I don’t like are hard-coded navigation or list links.

I guess, I’m looking for a simple, minimalist theme. Maybe a tumbler kind of layout which focuses on the posts.

The current short list:

  • Barthelme
  • Bogart
  • MiniBits
  • Grid Focus Public

(update) I found a theme i like.

By nchenga

Nchenga-nchenga is my nickname. is my online playground, scrap book, and on-going collection of bookmarks and interesting quotes. Chiperoni is a Malawian term for cold, grey, rainy weather. I am a bridge blogger somewhere between Basel and Blantyre. The opinions and comments expressed here are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in anyway. So far, this blog is free of advertising or paid articles or similar.


  1. it looks ok on a macbook 😉

    i like white as milk but i also want to use widgets and asides and all… i’m a geek

    btw, what plugin did you use for the events calendar?

  2. Look, look, I start to make typically English spelling mistakes. I guess it’s the bad Etsy influence. 😉 Of course was I saying “its”.

  3. Oha. Definitely a change. 🙂
    I set up a little blog for a client recently, and I found “Palaam” to be quite handy and versatile (I think it’s 3-columns version is called “Seashore”). It did require additional plugins to realize my project, but they were ready in seconds and worked smoothly (Amazon widget, sidebar gallery, events calendar).
    “White as Milk” is very zen-like and nice to look at, but it isn’t widget-aware, and therefore not the choice for people who have a lot of off-site stuff to be pulled into the sidebars.

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