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Cyberwiter posted the above tweet on using social media to enhance your company’s online news room.

The article lists ways how to aggregate text, images, audio and video to make it useful for corporations and their target audience.

Ein gutgemachter Social Media Newsroom ist essentiell für die Online-PR: Er …

1. eröffnet einen schnellen Zugang zu den wichtigsten Unternehmensinhalten
2. lebt von aktuellen und vielfältigen Inhalten, die möglichst täglich erneuert werden
3. ist komplett per RSS abonnierbar und individualisierbar
4. basiert auf Pull-Elementen und nicht auf Push
5. spricht Journalisten wie andere Influencer gleichermaàŸen an
6. verweist nicht nur auf die eigenen, sondern auch auf fremde Quellen (Verlinkung)
7. öffnet seinen Pressespiegel für alle (Social Bookmarking erleichtert das)
8. ermöglicht den schnellen Kontakt für einen Dialog (Twitter, Facebook, Skype, etc.)
9. nutzt Real-Time-Elemente (Livestreaming auf Basis von Twitter oder Friendfeed)
10. erleichtert die Vernetzung mit den Ansprechpartnern im Unternehmen
11. bietet reichhaltiges lizenzfreies Video- und Bild-Material (gerne auch Pod- oder Vodcasts)
12. fordert alle Besucher zu Copy & Paste auf
13. regt Online-Diskussionen auf anderen Plattformen (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc.) an
14. Integriert eigene Corporate Blogs und Microblogs
15. bringt die News des Unternehmens zum Laufen

The article lists a number of corporate examples.

The web consultant hiding here at Chiperoni headquarters (errr… me!) believes this is one way corporations can profit from new media technologies.

  • Build a better online newsroom using these new distribution channels. Instead of sitting on the sidelines commenting on the quality of content. While I don’t know which services will survive the next couple of years, I do know that the real-time web is here to stay. Unless we run out off electricity to power all of the server farms.
  • Start small. Grow incrementally. Bring lots of endurance and patience. Remember that most people stop blogging after 3 months. A large percentage of Twitter is dormant.
  • Avoid PR speak. Press releases no longer target journalists alone. Publish useful content that supports the buying process. Read David Meerman Scott’s book.
  • Aggregate useful content. Become a subject matter expert on the web.
  • Offer a quality filter for your company’s specific area of expertise. Don’t try to copy private bloggers or twitterers. Be authentic and personable. But don’t swamp us with blog posts and tweets from your coffee break. And please do check for spelling mistakes. I expect a newsroom to have a higher quality.

And I’m not only talking. I have been using blogging technology and RSS feeds within a company context for over four years.

My experience… some traditional PR distribution services still don’t understand that it’s important to be included in Google News.

It is. Whether you like Google or not.

A newsroom is more than just collecting and archiving press releases…

To build a community around Twitter or Facebook or similar, you will need a concept and a company policy regarding behavior in your communities. And before you quote me wrongly. I am not saying your company should start a Twitter or Facebook channel. Think about your time resources and goals beforehand. Ultimately you will want to draw people to your site or sub-sites. And there may be a different way that is better suited for your corporate environment. And most importantly, read the TOS before you start posting your content on third party sites.

See my simple WordPress prototype here – a quick test install to demonstrate how WordPress can be used for a simple corporate newsroom.

I need to run and finish my MBA assignments for today…


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As social media is becoming more mainstream, I find I am discussing various tools and voicing my opinion in many daily situations.

Half-geek that I am, I have explored quite a few tools over the years.

For instance I find myself explaining:

  • Why I deleted my Xing and LinkedIn accounts. Why it’s not such a good idea to list all of my customers on Xing. That I didn’t really get any good networking results on Xing and LinkedIn. There’s a lot of showing off and spam. Cos of my Marketing IT profile I was contacted by dozens of IT outsourcing providers.
  • Why I am wary of Facebook. It’s a closed garden. I haven’t forgotten the recent TOS uproar regarding content rights.
  • Why I still like Flickr. After so many years.
  • How Twitter is establishing itself as a news channel. And how I can see scenarios where people blindly re-tweet propanganda and myths.
  • Why I believe a consolidation phase is bound to happen ‘cos many tools haven’t really figured out their business models.
  • That building communities is hard work. And requires lots of time. It doesn’t happen out of the blue.
  • While Scoble and his followers are discussing the real-time web, I find myself trying to explain how I use Google Reader. And that it’s about the flow rather than individual static web pages.
  • Why I sincerely believe that everybody on the Internetz needs to develop media skills. The Internet does not forget.
General tech

Google Mail Tips

I discovered a couple of very useful lists of Gmail tips

Gmail: Tips


Ted Video on Creativity


The Five-Step Decision-Making Process

From my Cost Accounting textbook:

  1. Identify the problem and uncertainties
  2. Obtain information
  3. Make predictions about the future
  4. Make decisions by choosing among alternatives
  5. Implement the decision, evaluate performance, and learn



Van Gogh Läckerli

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Inspired by lots of fresh air

After lots of hours cramped in front of my books, trying to catch up with my studies, I went jogging for a couple of rounds on the Finnenbahn ( a sawdust track ) in the woods. Usually I find running around in circles boring. But today I didn’t mind cos my head is full of unprocessed data.

And while I plodded around the loop, I thought about:

  • Twitter and the Iran election and the video of the dying woman.
  • Thoughtless re-tweeting. I find it scary the way people follow others blindly. With good intentions. But without thinking and researching for themselves. I thought of setting up a slogan such as: Think before you re-tweet.
  • How the initial design of ARPANET, to compensate for network losses, probably explains why people can still find ways and means to send out tweets and photos and videos out of Iran.
  • My Macroeconomics homework about inflation and interest rates.
  • The soothing effect the colour of green leaves has on my mind.

The term mindblogging was coined by fellow blogger Persillie and refers to the writing of virtual blog posts while doing something else such as jogging. By default mindblog posts are always better than their written equivalent.

Congratulations to Mlle. A.! Her blog Handmade 2.0 is featured in the current edition of t3n, a German IT and web magazine.
Way to go!
Next in Brand eins?

I talked to my mom about internet connections in Malawi. She says that prices for mobile internet are getting more affordable. TNM offers USB modems. I need to research this…


Broken WordPress Plugin Woes

Message from the admin:

For a couple of days, the WordPress installation at Chiperoni was broken. The framework of the website was displaying but all content within a blog post or page had disappeared. I could see the content in the admin view.

markdown plugin caused blog post content to disappear

I finally found the culprit: version 1.01 of a plugin called Markdown from early WordPress installs was causing this display error:

Manage Plugins ‹ — WordPress

Interestingly the site worked fine directly after installing 2.8. This error only displayed a couple of days later. And at first I didn’t link it to the upgrade.

Unfortunately I did not get much of a response at Thank you to Esmi for responding. I appreciate your help. Let me just add: the lack of response is very different from the pioneer days in 2003 and 2004 when I first started evaluating and using WordPress. There are a huge number of queries and an individual – and dumb – question like mine doesn’t get any notice any more. The downside of going mainstream…

Apologies to all regular Chiperoni visitors for the recent downtimes and techie problems. There are plans to move to a new server…

Hope this post will help other WordPress users.


the red crane and the white chimney


Reality Mining

Just confirming what I already knew.

No need to fight against machine-readable passports with RFIDs (c.f. #biometrischer pass). Your regular cell phone (that’s without any fancy GPS functions) already provides all the data needed to track you wherever you go.

c.f. this Namics presentation on Internet trends.

Add some pattern matching with some other online tools and voilà  you’re identified.

Some links mentioned in the presentation:

Wikipedia on Reality Mining:

Reality Mining is the collection and analysis of machine-sensed environmental data pertaining to human social behavior, with the goal of identifying predictable patterns of behavior.


The internet is for everyone

Got to love the Internet. Nothing is too obscure.

Videos of rain

And a web page for non-twitterers…

Tell the world why you don’t tweet:

Buon weekend




Test, Test, 1, 2, 1, 2

Looks like my blog is back. Yay.

Missed it. Especially in a time where I feel the return of the personal website is imminent.

nchenga nchenga (nchenga) on Twitter

Recommended link of the week:

Can’t wait to try out the new WordPress…