Inspired by lots of fresh air

After lots of hours cramped in front of my books, trying to catch up with my studies, I went jogging for a couple of rounds on the Finnenbahn ( a sawdust track ) in the woods. Usually I find running around in circles boring. But today I didn’t mind cos my head is full of unprocessed data.

And while I plodded around the loop, I thought about:

  • Twitter and the Iran election and the video of the dying woman.
  • Thoughtless re-tweeting. I find it scary the way people follow others blindly. With good intentions. But without thinking and researching for themselves. I thought of setting up a slogan such as: Think before you re-tweet.
  • How the initial design of ARPANET, to compensate for network losses, probably explains why people can still find ways and means to send out tweets and photos and videos out of Iran.
  • My Macroeconomics homework about inflation and interest rates.
  • The soothing effect the colour of green leaves has on my mind.

The term mindblogging was coined by fellow blogger Persillie and refers to the writing of virtual blog posts while doing something else such as jogging. By default mindblog posts are always better than their written equivalent.

Congratulations to Mlle. A.! Her blog Handmade 2.0 is featured in the current edition of t3n, a German IT and web magazine.
Way to go!
Next in Brand eins?

I talked to my mom about internet connections in Malawi. She says that prices for mobile internet are getting more affordable. TNM offers USB modems. I need to research this…

By nchenga

Nchenga-nchenga is my nickname. Chiperoni.ch is my online playground, scrap book, and on-going collection of bookmarks and interesting quotes. Chiperoni is a Malawian term for cold, grey, rainy weather. I am a bridge blogger somewhere between Basel and Blantyre. The opinions and comments expressed here are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in anyway. So far, this blog is free of advertising or paid articles or similar.

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  1. Grazie mille!
    brand eins would be great, and the t3n feature was a nice surprise. Doing handmade2.0 is fun, but I admit that being on someone’s recommendation list really is a nice way to acknowledge all the work I am putting into it.

    I am always mind-writing things, but even though I have a cell phone with a voice recorder and always more than two notebooks in my bag, I never get around making it look as good on paper or in bites.

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