Developers under NDA
I heard about the iPhone SDK NDA for the first time this week while talking to an iPhone app developer at my day job: Why Apple keeps its iPhone 2.0 SDK under NDA incredible…
My BlogCamp Switzerland Talk
As announced on Twitter, I presented a talk on mobile technology in Malawi at today’s BlogCamp in Zurich to share what I’m learning from the African blogs and tweets that I follow on a regular basis. I started my talk with a short intro on Chiperoni (I am a bridge blogger somewhere between Basel and […]
Mobile Communication for Rural Health Project
I stumbled across this blog by Josh Nesbit discussing the use of FrontlineSMS, a tool to set up a text-based communications network, in a rural health project in Namitete, Malawi. Here’s a 7 minute long interview with one of the community health worker. At about 3:00 she starts discussing the advantage of having a cell […]
Art Attack
Here are the details of the art show that Martin Gyger mentioned when I visited his workspace a couple of weeks ago: Date: 5th to 7th September 2008, Time: Friday and Saturday from 17:00 to 20:00, Sunday from 15:00 to 18:00, Place: Reichensteinerstr. 14, 4053 Basel, map.
Orchard of old varieties
i went a-photowalking and learned about a project that is collecting and growing old varieties of fruit.
Twitter, SMS and Africa
This recent Twitter announcement is disappointing on a personal level, but also on a more global level as White African discusses: Twitter represents a change in communication. By acting as a global gateway for updates via SMS (or the web), that then updates all of your followers, Twitter succeeded in breaking ground in one-to-many messaging. […]
The Summer of 08
As a gentle drizzle sets in, I’d just like to dump a couple of carefully composed poetry text snippets here at Chiperoni headquarters. So far this summer of 08 has treated me well. I’m spending every weekend with my latest gadget: Shooting photos with my Canon 40D. There’s a lot to learn. And try out. […]
i went a-photowalking (again).
Coca-Cola Ad in Blantyre
See also this previous entry on the Coca-Cola Index.
I agree with this.
BBC Documentary on Malaria
just zapped into this documentary on fighting malaria along the Zambezi: The World Uncovered – Zambezi. Text snippet in my own words: “need to invest more money into malaria research. Some drugs such as Chloroquine (now ineffective) were developed during the 2nd World War.”
CSS Editors Reviewed
for my own future reference: Here’s a list of CSS editors that might be useful. Some of them have been around for years: Review of CSS Editors I use Textwrangler to code HTML and CSS. I recently stumbled across an HTML editor called Smultron, which I quite like as well.
The iPod Touch is Good Enough
Lifehacker on Ipod Touch.