10 Mac Productivity Tools http://bit.ly/1e08fSv

10 Mac Productivity Tools … that you can’t live without? Let’s leave out the hyperbole. But the links are good. (I miss old Skitch but i don’t want to use Evernote. My killer app for notes is called Chiperoni… in combination with Twitter and Flickr.)

Mac OS X Reminders

For future reference: To view a folder of jpegs, select a photo within Finder and hit the space bar. Use the arrow keys to navigate up and down thru the folder. Or select the files you would like to view, and right-click Open. Preview displays the photos. Use the arrow keys to navigate from one… Continue reading Mac OS X Reminders

Opening .MHT Files on a Mac

Executive summary: Best tool to open .mht files on a Mac is Opera for Mac. I regret deleting Windows Vista. Last week I was sent a .mht file. And now I’m searching the Internet for a solution how to open this proprietary Microsoft file (my perception, but according to Wikipedia it is actually a proposed… Continue reading Opening .MHT Files on a Mac

CSS Editors Reviewed

for my own future reference: Here’s a list of CSS editors that might be useful. Some of them have been around for years: Review of CSS Editors I use Textwrangler to code HTML and CSS. I recently stumbled across an HTML editor called Smultron, which I quite like as well.

Leopard, Gimp, and GimpShop

After upgrading to Leopard, I could no longer launch Gimp or GimpShop. There’s a quick fix for Gimp, for help see this screencast. But GimpShop is a different matter it seems.

Upgrade News

Upgraded my MacBook to Leopard overnight. Looks like everything went well.

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Boxing Day

I’m playing around with WordPress themes today 😉 Currently displaying is a Mac theme to celebrate this year’s move to a MacBook. It snowed a little bit today… about half a millimeter.


Today’s attempt to use the USB modem GlobeTrotter Connect with my MacBook failed. I had the right PIN and the right software. But couldn’t connect. The preferences revealed a dialog box with input fields for an APN, a username and a password. I checked the help. There was no explanation what APN stands for… and… Continue reading APN

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Weekend Thoughts

I just installed GIMPshop on my (no longer new) MacBook. And the interface looks a lot simpler. And I received a Skitch invite. I don’t like the pink heart icon much. Kitsch. But I somehow managed to get past that and watch the introductory video (!). The features look very useful. It offers a direct… Continue reading Weekend Thoughts


Scrolling Ad Infinitum: I discovered a new Flickr tool called Flickriver… It loads all images into one long html page, i.e. you simply scroll down to view all pictures for a tag or group: My contacts My faves Malawi group Canon ImageBrowser to FlickrUploadr: BTW, I’ve found a shortcut how to add photos from Canon… Continue reading Flickriver

MAMP or pre-installed Apache

For local WordPress fun, I might install this package: MAMP Although Apache is already available. The pre-installed Apache can be accessed like this: Go to System Preferences > Internet and Network > Sharing Select Personal Web Sharing or click Start. Copy & paste the URL listed in the lower part of the dialog box into… Continue reading MAMP or pre-installed Apache

Installing Tomcat on a MacBook

Today I installed Tomcat on my MacBook. In order to run a website with Java servlets locally. Here are my non-developer notes, for my own future reference. To check if Java is installed, open Terminal and type: javac -version In a previous session, I had already installed the Apple developer tools, which includes JDK 1.5.… Continue reading Installing Tomcat on a MacBook

White Space

(half-geek plans) Maybe I’ll try out this WordPress theme over the weekend: Whitespace WordPress Theme And I’ve still got to figure out how to install and configure a Tomcat on a Mac. And I still want to install MacFuse and MacFusion

GIMP and GraphicConverter and more

The newness of my MacBook is decreasing rapidly. I’ve installed GIMP (works nice and zippy), GraphicConverter (useful for quick resizing of images), TextWrangler (an editor), MS Office 2004 (although I’m considering to install NeoOffice and use MS Office via Parallels only). I had a look at the websites of Scribus and Inkscape, but I think… Continue reading GIMP and GraphicConverter and more

CVS and CVL and others

Here are some quick notes on installing a CVS client on my MacBook (for my own future reference): Install CVS, if you haven’t done so already. It’s part of the Apple developer tools on Mac OS X Install Disc 1 called XcodeTools. To test if it’s installed, open Terminal and type cvs to get a… Continue reading CVS and CVL and others

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Mon Mac à  moi

My new MacBook arrived last Monday. And I’ve started installing software and exploring. Slowly. A new laptop is like getting a new exercise book at school. An empty book equals an empty hard disk. And a new operating system is a new learning experience. Software installed so far: Firefox and Thunderbird The latest version of… Continue reading Mon Mac à  moi

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