Jog log
Dear Web log, I am trying to get back to a more regular jogging schedule. Started on Oct 6th. Attempt no. 2 coming up in about 2.5 mins. Yours truly, nchenga #PostMBAactivities #werangibthatmehrvomleben
The Summer of 08
As a gentle drizzle sets in, I’d just like to dump a couple of carefully composed poetry text snippets here at Chiperoni headquarters. So far this summer of 08 has treated me well. I’m spending every weekend with my latest gadget: Shooting photos with my Canon 40D. There’s a lot to learn. And try out. […]
In search of power plugs
(start of yesterday’s train journey notes, pêle-mêle off the top of my head, unsorted) Longer weekend ahead… I’m sitting in a train to Mannheim and have some time to write a longer blog post and reflect on stuff that happened this week. Somehow this week went by crazily fast and my todo list decreased by […]