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A conference about technology in our society.

yay, I’m going to LIFT 07.

How about you?

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Everyone is a marketer, even people and organizations that don’t market. They’re just marketers who are doing it poorly.

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Sunrise in November

Same place, same time, different season.

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Malawi bloggers on Madonna

My Google alert for news on Malawi has never had so many US and European articles as in the past months. All because of Madonna. Topics such as the last General Elections or bad harvests – which have a much bigger impact – were only covered by the usual outlets (BBC World, CNN). I remember searching Malawi forums for news on the election results.

A friend asked how Malawians see Madonna’s recent adoption of a Malawian baby boy. I haven’t heard much. Cos I’m here in Basel. But here’s a summary of Malawi bloggers that referred to the celebrity news:

  • Mike of Hacktivate built the Kumbali Lodge website, where Madonna stayed 😉
  • Alex of posted this excellent caricature of NGOs and their reaction (rough translation: the child needs to return, is that understood?). He helped to keep us informed during the last General Elections by setting up a web server at the Polytechnic and posting news and comments at frequent intervals.
  • and Soyapi uses the Madonna news item to point to Malawian software that you can also “adopt”.

I guess, there’s more out there. And more to come when Madonna goes back. I hope, she’s not in it for the PR only. In my humble opinion being adopted by a rich celebrity doesn’t really mean you’ll have a better life.

But even for Malawi, you can say that blogging technology has made it simpler to read personal thoughts and reports on news items.

Feel free to leave a comment.

BTW, this blog post was again inspired by fresh air.


today’s WikiHow

Google’s WikiHow suggestions continue to be a great source of entertainment. Today’s link gives advice:
How to Be Thankful


constraint-driven creativity

Kathy on not waiting for the muse

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MT vs WordPress

text snippet:
WordPress has done a far better job of growing their community

I agree


The Weekend Post

Do you write imaginary blog posts while doing other things? I do. For example, I’m always writing blog posts while I’m jogging. Pumping fresh air around my system inspires the blogger within. BTW, I’m also writing virtual novels and software reference guides 😉

I just went for a short, slow jog around the block and wrote a virtual post on the movie I saw yesterday.

Un Franco 14 Pesetas

The film is about the film director’s parents that moved to Switzerland for work reasons in the 1960s. They enjoy living and working in Switzerland and actually find returning to Spain a lot more difficult than they imagined.

I felt the topic was really interesting, but the screenplay was weak and lacked depth. At times the film was too slow. And there are no surprises.

I’m afraid, the virtual blog post was better…

Next film to watch is Il Caimano or maybe Das Fräulein.


more wall tiles

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just stumbled across this news item at GigaOM:
First Web 2.0 IPO, Xing?

Does anyone have more details?



I can confirm this. If you want to hide something, hide it in a long text.

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Event Calendar Plugin

WordPress plugin du jour – for future reference:

Event Calendar Version 3.1.0

P.S. Has anyone tried it out yet? Is it better than integrating Google Calendar?

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Jeff Wall interpretation (kind of)

This Lisbon street scene reminded me of the Jeff Wall show I saw at the Schaulager some time ago…

Only that in my case it’s a snapshot…. instead of a careful composition.