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  • Bicycle parking gadget

    If the bicycle parking area is too large, people will forget where they left their bike. Like at the Velo Parking at Basel SBB. This evening a young woman was looking for her bicycle. A couple of days ago a young man was wandering up and down the aisles in search of his bike. And […]

  • Lift11 in Geneva

    I am back from Lift11. This time I took part as a volunteer. I was a runner, helping out with errands, bringing things from A to B, and general troubleshooting. I like the idea of giving back. Again the mix of topics and people at Lift was inspiring. All of the videos are online: […]

  • Lift 2011 discount

    As a Lift 2011 volunteer, I have a promo code for a 25 % discount to give away. Please leave a comment below if you are interested 🙂

  • Missing Lift 09

    The top 3 ways to follow Lift 09, if you’re not in Geneva: Twitter Flickr Video See for example @afromusing’s talk:

  • LIFT 08: Recommended Video

    I enjoyed this talk by Bill Cockayne:

  • Lift 08: Fragments of Captured Attention

    Here are some of my Lift 08 notes, pêle-mêle: This year I tried to provide a running commentary on Twitter. Unfortunately the wifi was patchy and a number of valuable text snippets were lost… 😉 I got one Tweet response – all the way from Malawi – that appreciated my effort. I tuned in to […]

  • Yet Another Community System

    At the Lift 08 fondue I sat next to the developer of an open-source community tool called YACS: YACS, le CMS Open Source 2.0 – Yet Another Community System It uses PHP, MySQL and Apache. And from what I understood it is being used in a large international organization to build up a knowledge management […]

  • Lift08 videos

    The first videos are available at:

  • Lift08

    I attended these workshops: Forgetful interfaces Ubiquitous computing I’m uploading a couple of snaps in my Flickr stream. A fave:

  • Going to pick up my t-shirt…

    All about the Lift t-shirt

  • Lift 07: Fragments of Captured Attention

    Back from Geneva. Here are a couple of short, offline notes I took during the various sessions. I don’t want to provide a write-up of the sessions I attended. See Stephanie’s or Bruno’s excellent write-ups instead. And in addition, the LIFT 07 videos and presentations will be available online some time soon. So here’s a […]

  • Overload ( Day 2.75 )

    I enjoyed the Lift panel on technological overload. Lots of food for thought. I’m off to grab some coffee.

  • Lift update ( Day 2.5 )

    So far I’m not finding the Open Stage presentations in room 2 very inspiring… 2 more to go before lunch

  • Lift ( Day 2.0 )

    A small little trend I observed: Quite a couple of presentations are using Flickr photos as a background…

  • Hi from LIFT 07 ( Day 1.5 )

    enjoying my time at Lift 07 and wondering if I’m a candidate for technological overload.

  • LIFT conf ( Day 1 )

    It’s pouring outside and I’m taking a quick moment to publish my unreflected notes that I took in today’s sessions, pêle-mêle, off the top of my head, in shorthand: Morning session: The slides are available here. Evaluating and monitoring projects doesn’t need to be costly, esp. with free web survey and website statistics tools. Goal […]

  • LIFT conf ( Day 0.5 )

    My first workshop at LIFT 07 was great. Enjoyed it. I attended Glenn O’Neil’s D.I.Y. Monitoring and Evaluation…. I’m feeling kind of feverish and I’ve got a bad headache, which is ignoring the Aspirin I’ve already taken.

  • LIFT conf ( Day 0 )

    Bungled reservation, seedy area of town, my Lift conf is off to a flying start from an accomodation point of view….now testing the hotel wifi.

  • A conference about technology in our society.

    yay, I’m going to LIFT 07. How about you?