The Weekend Post

Do you write imaginary blog posts while doing other things? I do. For example, I’m always writing blog posts while I’m jogging. Pumping fresh air around my system inspires the blogger within. BTW, I’m also writing virtual novels and software reference guides 😉

I just went for a short, slow jog around the block and wrote a virtual post on the movie I saw yesterday.

Un Franco 14 Pesetas

The film is about the film director’s parents that moved to Switzerland for work reasons in the 1960s. They enjoy living and working in Switzerland and actually find returning to Spain a lot more difficult than they imagined.

I felt the topic was really interesting, but the screenplay was weak and lacked depth. At times the film was too slow. And there are no surprises.

I’m afraid, the virtual blog post was better…

Next film to watch is Il Caimano or maybe Das Fräulein.

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  1. What’s worse….I write imaginary posts and then forget to post them. And when I recall I wanted to post them, I forgot what they went like….not good. Instead of going jogging (or walking around, in my case) and taking the mp3 player, I should take a podcast wizz wiz me. Now, there’s a market niche.

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