Success theater is boring
I recommended reading this article: Success theater is boring. Directly related to the increasing lack of privacy. All the world’s a stage. Social media featuritis is part of a never-ending cycle. Ironically the author mentions new tools (Snapchat, VidBurn and Facebook Poke) to replace the broadcast tools. Keep calm. Don’t join the rat race. Use […]
Directed by Ken Loach
I watched Angels’ Share yesterday. Very enjoyable. Funny. Yesterday evening I was racking my brain trying to remember the other Ken Loach movie I’ve seen. Heh, I just remembered. Worth a blog post! The film was called Looking for Eric.
Literary detail
Interesting link: Dickens’s 66-page novella is credited with popularising many aspects of the holiday (including the very phrase “Merry Christmas!”).
Season’s greetings
My sister sent me this card. Happy holidays!
I am thankful for lots of big and little things. Family Friends Health Food A job Connectivity The possibility to learn and study new things Political and religious freedom Fresh air Enough water to take a shower when i want or wash my clothes Electricity Reliable public transport when i need it Challenges and adventures […]
A snapshot for every month
Sipping coffee, planning tasks, listening to the radio. Here’s a quick review of my year on Flickr: My most productive month on Flickr in 2012 was… September. I managed to upload 171 photos in one month. Least productive was May 2012 with 52 uploads. January 2012 February 2012 March 2012 April 2012 May 2012 June […]
Less connected than in 2007
On Globalisation people consistently assume that the world is much more interconnected than it really is Measurement: DHL Global Connectedness Index
Upgraded to WordPress 3.5
Heh, i’ve upgraded to WordPress 3.5. All is well. WordPress is getting old. So far without any major hassles. Unlike Twitter. I learnt this week that I can no longer follow new people cos i crossed the magic threshold of 2000 on my work account. I read somewhere that 2013 will be the year of […]