Baking Schoggi-Weggli
I am making Schoggi-Weggli based on this recipe
Experimental Sunday
This bucket chemist made Rüeblitorte based on this Betty Bossi recipe. English translation via Google Translate (which can now process .pdfs). Recipe Betty Bossi From “Back Buch”, 2001 © Betty Bossi Verlag AG Carrot cake 5 egg yolks 250 g sugar stir until foamy 250 g carrots, grated 250 g almonds, grated 1 lemon, […]
Apache Wave and Walkaround
In my inbox: “If you would like to continue using Wave, there are a number of open source projects, including Apache Wave. There is also an open source project called Walkaround that includes an experimental feature that lets you import all your Waves from Google.”
Chrome apps
I am trying out a couple of new Chrome apps:
DLF for the win
I have always been a radio junkie. Listening to news and current affairs. Favorite radio stations include BBC World Service, NPR. Started listening to Deutschlandfunk. I like the detailed news hour coverage.
About the longevity of crazy, futile ideas
Many social media centuries ago, 2 bloggers started collecting photos of Nutella alternatives. It was just a fun idea on the sidelines. Started, while we were talking about Nutella culture and regional variants in Italy, Israel, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany. Well, we’re still collecting. Many thanks to all contributors.
Recommend for “Photography calling”, Sprengel Museum, Hannover
I saw the photography show “Photography calling” at the Sprengel Museum in Hannover yesterday. It is really diverse showing the work of 31 different photographers. Inspiring.
Some free time
Postponed my day trip to the mountains. Cos of rain. The weather is improving this afternoon…. Some free time to clean and sort and catch up with things. And unbox some of those remaining moving boxes. I am trying very hard not to read work-related emails on my Blackberry. I am watching the news. Following […]
Random notes
Cos my bike was in for repairs, I took the tram today. Leaving the Basel SBB tram station, there’s a taped announcement welcoming passengers to Basel in English and in German. This evening, it was different: The announcement was spoken live, in a jovial mood, and in 6 languages, including Spanish and Turkish. And the […]
8000 entries on Flickr
Landmark of 8000 items on Flickr = reached. Tonnes of snapshots on Flickr document my journey thru everyday life. I started taking photos for this blog. Yeah… blame it on blogging. Snapshots of Daily, mundane things Bicycles Urban details / photo walks Travel / landscape
Global websites
Useful link on internationalization.
Twitter question: I have a protected account. How do I approve my follower requests?
Yesterday someone asked me how to approve follower requests from an iPhone. It turns out that you can’t approve follower requests from the iPhone app. You need to approve followers via the web or email: If you have protected your Tweets, you can approve followers from your account home page or profile page (see screenshots […]
Bicycle power in Malawi
Recommended reading: France 24 on cycling as a major form of transport. “The bicycle is very popular in Malawi, because people can’t afford a motorbike and because Malawi has a high density of population,” said Dutchman Peter Meijer who set up a bike business, Sakaramenta, in 2009. Here is a link to Peter Meijer’s company […]
Photos from the Netherlands
I went to the Netherlands for a long weekend. An inspiring place for a passionate cyclist like me…. I flew to Amsterdam and then rented bike and cycled north in direction Hoorn, along the Ijsselmeer. Very beautiful and lots of fun. The weather was sunny on my way up, but very rainy and windy on […]
yet another quote
via this tweet socializing the losses and privatizing the gain
quote of the day: FAZ
,Globalisierung”˜ zum Beispiel sollte ursprünglich nichts anderes bedeuten als weltweiter freier Handel. Jetzt heißt es, dass Banken die Gewinne internationalen Erfolgs an sich reißen und die Verluste auf jeden Steuerzahler in jeder Nation verteilen. Die Banken kommen nur noch ,nach Hause”˜, wenn sie kein Geld mehr haben. Dann geben unsere Regierungen ihnen neues. Some factors […]
I like this quote: “The real loser is never the person who crosses the finishing line last,” she said. “The real loser is the person who sits on the side. The person who does not even try to compete.”
It’s their content
Gapingvoid posted on why he is giving up Twitter and Facebook it’s not your content, it’s their content.
Bike ride to the Gelateria and back
I cycled to the Glatscheria in Basel for 2 delicious flavors of ice cream. I had lemon and melon. Cost 7 CHF. Delicious and creamy. Summer in the city…
If you’re in online marketing…
Do you know about digital sharecropping – (So this is what it’s called) G+, Etsy, FB, Twitter, eBay, Skype, Flickr…
In search of the best Twitter client ever…
What is the best Twitter client? I’ve tried several web and smartphone apps. Here are some observations: Web version of Twitter Despite all odds, i use the web version of Twitter a lot. Mainly cos browsers are ubiquitous. Twitter is trying to improve the display and usability. Newest addition: possibility to add photos. Performance and […]
Data silo
BTW, if you’re starting a blog – cos it’s an easy way to increase visibility… Have fun. Those times are long past. Way back in 2002 and 2003. Ask the bloggers behind Chiperoni and Handmade2.0. And… even in 2003 it wasn’t as “easy” as some of the internet experts try to make it sound. Blogging […]