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Experimental Sunday

This bucket chemist made Rüeblitorte based on this Betty Bossi recipe. English translation via Google Translate (which can now process .pdfs). Recipe Betty Bossi From “Back Buch”, 2001 © Betty Bossi Verlag AG Carrot cake 5 egg yolks 250 g sugar stir until foamy 250 g carrots, grated 250 g almonds, grated 1 lemon, […]

Fresh Ginger Tea

Here’s a family secret I’m sharing free of charge: To make ginger tea: Peel some fresh ginger root. Cut it into smaller slices or chunks and put them into a tea pot. Pour boiling hot water and allow to brew for a couple of minutes before serving…. é voilà ! I like drinking it hot and […]


Here’s a simple and rustique family recipe to make crumble: Cover the bottom of a heat-resistant dish with slices of fruit such as apples, pears, or plums. Stir up some crumbles for the topping (you can use the same recipe for the topping as in Streuselkuchen, but i’d leave out the cinnamon and use brown […]

Basler Brunsli

Apparently the Basel German word for biscuits/cookies/Kekse is Gutzi and not Gutzli. I was fairly confident that the bakery at the supermarket across the road from my office had introduced a typo. Turns out it’s not a typo. In my part of Switzerland, people say Gutzi, while in the Zurich area they say Gutzli. Anyway… […]