Baking Banana Bread

3 mushy bananas means… It’s time for Banana Bread.

Today’s variation:

  • I used whole wheat flour
  • I added 150 grams of plain joghurt
  • I added lots of walnuts (omega 3 for the win)
  • I added nutmeg, kambuzi sauce, and vanilla sugar for taste

It’s in the oven, baking at a low heat.

Yet another banana bread recipe

This recipe inspired me to carry out another banana bread experiment. I found the recipe on this list of banana bread recipes.

My variation:
I used some leftover hazelnut flour and some leftover coconut flour. Added some hazelnuts. And I used sesame oil instead of coconut oil.

And because I didn’t have any cocoa at home, I skipped the part about adding cocoa and chocolate chips to one part of the cake dough.

So it’s really a new recipe. A new creation.

banana bread experiment

To get rid of some ripe and mushy bananas*, I decided to bake some banana bread today.

What I usually do is mix up a basic cake butter and then add 2-3 bananas to the batter. Today has been one big experiment ‘cos I didn’t have some of the ingredients. And I still don’t have a proper measurement jar. But that’s no reason to stop this bucket chemist.

I’m still waiting to see what the results are like….

Banana bread tastes great… not sweet, lots of natural banana aroma, beautiful and moist. Experiment was a huge success!

The Recipe:
400 g flour
150 g sugar
1 packet of vanilla sugar (or some drops of vanilla essence)
3 bananas
2 teaspoons baking powder
80 ml oil
120 ml milk

Mix everything together starting with the sugar and oil.

Bake the whole thing very slowly at 150 degrees…

I added water instead of milk, some cocoa powder, and lots more baking powder (i’m a bucket chemist, i believe in chemical reaction).


*i hate eating ripe and mushy bananas. I’d rather throw them away. I used to feed my dogs the ripe bananas. But that was in Malawi where bananas are plentiful and cheaper.