Photo walk
I walked up Tüllinger Hügel and took some snapshots:
Book: Hiking tours to Swiss buildings
currently reading: Architektur erwandern
went on a short hike yesterday, sort of following this route to Meltingerberg and Erschwil. “sort of” cos missing a turn-off somewhere, meant walking back for about 20 mins. Reached the bus stop safely and in time.
Mario Botta Tower
Here’s a description how to get to the Mario Botta Tower on Moron mountain: 769_Zum Botta-Aussichtsturm auf dem Moron
chip update
It’s drizzling a little bit in Basel but still beautifully warm… time to catch up with the blogging world. 2 weekends ago I took the Postauto to the Passwang tunnel and walked up to the Passwang (about 1200m). On a clear day you can see the Alps from here. I walked to Reigoldswil and then […]
The view from Monte San Giorgio
The weather was perfect in Ticino. Went swimming and hiking and visiting friends.
Hiking Ideas
A couple of weeks ago I stopped by at the tourist information office to collect a couple of brochures on Basel for a visitor. Here are some hiking links I found in one of them (for future reference): P.S. I love the mugshots on this page.