Tagaroo and other links

Pêle-mêle off the top my head:

In my daily reads, I stumbled across a WordPress plugin called Tagaroo. It reminded me of Zemanta. I haven’t tried it out. But I guess the interesting part is that it is being sponsored/developed by media giant Thomson Reuters as part of the Calais project.

As usual I’ve been taking lots of snapshots. Faves of the week include:


the wiring

Oh and yeah, I know what this year’s Christmas card will look like:

christmas card 2008

I tried out some night photography which was a lot of fun. Found out that I’ll need a good, lightweight tripod to pursue this more seriously.

The Swiss consumer magazine K-Tipp published the results of a chocolate degustazione.

Resultate der Degustation

I downloaded hours of video podcasts on CSS.

African bloggers in Amsterdam:

Picnic 08 (an annual tech. conference held in northern Europe) had a special Africa track called “Surprising Africa”. There’s a short video featuring the speakers here (via tweet).

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