A snapshot from my archives on Flickr.
Where are you going?
Saw this chalk message on the pavement this week near Basel SBB train station. Where is your life going?
I went photo-walking with the Basel Photography Meetup on Saturday. The theme was #Openings. On my way into town, I saw this yellow monster. Nothing open about it. And very noisy. I like this snapshot of openings within a gate: This snapshot of some openings in this construction site scaffolding fits my likeable criteria equally […]
I attended Medien-Barcamp 2019 – my notes and comments – #medienbc
Yesterday, I set my alarm to 6 am and jumped on the 7:33 train to Zürich-Oerlikon. On a Saturday. To attend a barcamp on media. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of barcamps, a barcamp is a conference that organizes the talks by itself, on the day, Someone provides some rooms and infrastructure such […]
“The boring flower snapshot” lives on
I noticed that searching for the phrase “the boring flower snapshot” still leads to some of my flower snaps on Google and Duck Duck Go. Added some new snaps to my collection. So boring.
Summer of 2019
There are so many beautiful poppies this year. I captured some impressions on Flickr. It must be the additional rain that causes poppies to bloom. The field next to Fondation Beyeler is red with flowers.
Bicycle tour
then, i took part in this velo tour organized by the Swiss Architecture Museum and Open House Basel https://t.co/f6i17eQMqx — ?…Collect this tweet (@nchenga) May 19, 2019
La domenica sportiva
I went for a long slow run today. Along the Wiese river. Up to Bettingen. Via my favourite sawdust track (aka Finnenbahn) at Ausserberg. And, ending my run at the Kneipp facility in Riehen. Feeling positive and blessed.
Took this snap of a stack of newspapers some time ago. I like the pattern.
Tulip time
Tulip mania
A postcard from Basel
I took this snapshot last week. A postcard view of the Münster in Basel.
Cycling anecdote
This morning the traffic lights jumped from yellow to red just as I was approaching a pedestrian crossing. I stopped. A man and a small boy were standing on the sidewalk, waiting. The man turns to me and comments angrily or sarcastically: Zu müde zum velofahren? (= too tired to cycle?) I responded that I […]
Flickr: Should I stay or should I go?
Smug Mug acquired Flickr in April 2018. The question every long-term Flickr user is asking: Should I renew my subscription? I’ve been on Flickr for a very long time. And seen many ups and downs. Probably more downs. And it’s 2019 and I still use Flickr. Con: Subscription has doubled in price: 50$ for 1 […]
Jog log 2019
It’s the 6th of January. And… I already went for a run three times this week. I hope to continue my running streak throughout the winter months. The plan is to carve out 30 minutes per day. And perhaps I’ll write about it here. Because writing helps.
Single-origin coffee from Malawi
Single-origin coffee from Malawi
Static site generators
On Hugo: I’ve worked my way thru this Udemy course, which explains the principles:  https://www.udemy.com/build-static-sites-in-seconds-with-hugo/  It’s fun; an alternative to server roundtrips; lots of cool themes to get you started: https://github.com/CodeFreezr/hugo-theme-awards-2018
Photo of the day
Beautiful sunny October in Basel
I was interviewed by Ursula Thomas-Stein on SEO.
The future of SEO
Much like how today I’d take 10 email subscribers to my newsletter over 1,000 Facebook “likes,” I think in the future, we’d all much rather have 10 Google searches for our brand name than 1,000 Google searches for phrases on which we’re trying to both rank and compete for a click against Google themselves. Sparktoro
Defining humility
I like this definition of humility.
Watermelon days
Summer of 2018 will be remembered for its long, extended heatwave.
Agile words that caught my attention
Five pillars of collaborative product ownership. As seen here on Linkedin.  Respect people. Embrace uncertainty. Small experiments. Continuous learning. No complacency. (Question everything.) I think this works for other work situations as well. BTW, I’m testing Gutenberg…