10 Minute Banana Bread
for future reference: Recipe for Banana Bread
The Cloud Appreciation Society
Just heard about the The Cloud Appreciation Society. Here’s the corresponding Flickr group.
today’s fave
slightly slanted cos the world is round
African Web 2.0 Sites
White African has listed some company logos here.
Things to do
with a Gorillapod: Fasten your cam to moving objects… Let me see, where did i put my dog?
Embedded video
my friend Benno:
Conf Attendees 2.0
new word: “VapoGurus” – People who seem to make a living solely by attending “2.0” conferences. seen in Gapingvoid’s Twitter stream
Running Update
I’m kind of busy at my day job and I didn’t get around to post my regular weekend post. So here’s a short blog post to say hi. And btw – about 20 years after everybody else – I’m discovering Twitter: Call it pseudo-blogging for busy knowledge workers. Or a quick way to communicate my […]