another Flickr tool
called: Flappr (some of these Web 2.0 names are really stuuupid…)
Buying a New Laptop
I’m planning to purchase a notebook in the very near future. It should: work flawlessly with Ubuntu be mobile and quiet (not to heavy and big) work with many applications at one time in GNOME / KDE with reasonable performance, i.e. mostly Web, email, Open Office, programming, DVD, music, (no gaming) cost around 1500 CHF […]
looks useful: Cheap flights – low cost and budget airline specialist esp. the Month View which shows you the cheapest fare.
Help Save the German Language
Adopt a German word for 5 Euro: Apparently the German language needs your help: …Werden Sie Wortpate! Beschützen Sie ein deutsches Wort und übernehmen Sie dafür die Verantwortung: Entwickeln Sie das Wort weiter, pflegen Sie es, hüten Sie es vor MiàŸbrauch oder Verdrängung! Schreiben Sie Gedichte mit Ihrem Wort, tauschen Sie sich aus mit […]
the smells and sights and sounds…
quote from an interview with Alexandra Fuller: I am not sentimental about Africa as a place of memories — and I use the word ‘Africa’, knowing that I speak of only a tiny fraction of the continent — so for me, I am not stirred up with old emotions when I go home. When I […]
Advanced User Guide for Flickr
useful: Flickr Advanced User Guide includes useful tips such as how to specify the photo privacy level when uploading imgs per email: e.g. – Visible to friends – Visible to family – Visible to friends and family – Only visible to you further tips:
enjoyable Sunday afternoon
After a late lunch at Lily’s with friends from Bern, we went to see Vitus. A beautiful and poetic movie starring Bruno Ganz.
calendaring tool
a new online calendaring tool is making the blog rounds: I’ve just signed up to test it a little…
rss to pdf
very useful: convert RSS feeds to pdfs at: via
i’m living in a fridge…
Arrived back in Basel. To discover that it’s still winterly cold here. I’m living in a fridge… I enjoyed my 3 week stay in Blantyre, where I surprisingly still feel at home. As if I never left. Even though much has changed. My own descriptions of Europe sounded faraway and unreal. But a visit is […]