i’m living in a fridge…

Arrived back in Basel. To discover that it’s still winterly cold here. I’m living in a fridge…

I enjoyed my 3 week stay in Blantyre, where I surprisingly still feel at home. As if I never left. Even though much has changed.

My own descriptions of Europe sounded faraway and unreal.

But a visit is always short and has a predefined end, so I really don’t know if this would be different if I moved back.

It was beautifully warm and humid.

The crops are looking good and it looks like there will be a good harvest this year.

I spent a lot of time reading and listening to BBC Africa. And driving the 4WD pick-up around BT.

In true chiperoni tradition, I’ve made some snapshots of stuff I found interesting. And I’ve started uploading them to my Flickr account at:


Such as making guava tree leaf tea to soothe an upset stomach. A doctor we met showed us useful herbs. Growing in our own garden. My mom has invited him for a training. Cos like in any big city, this knowledge is disappearing.

I’m currently reading “Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight” by Alexandra Fuller.

Another book that I bought but haven’t started reading yet is “What happens after Mugabe?” by Geoff Hill. That’s an interesting question.


4 responses to “i’m living in a fridge…”

  1. i’m surprised to see celtel (well not really.. :)) and maandasi in malawi as well. we say maji you say madzi for water. quite similar i think.. 🙂 it’s nice to see african pics again. makes me want to go back

  2. yeah, I remember your Nyika blog ! Welcome back to blogging…

    Will you continue to blog from Blantyre?

    Yes, i enjoyed Fuller. She manages to convey a realistic and humorous account of her life in Africa.

  3. Hi Nchenga
    I remember you from last year commenting on my old blogg .. well I’m back blogging, this time not from Nyika. I shall be working with WFP and leave Aus in a couple of weeks. I’ll be based in Blantyre. The blog explains. I’ve spent a couple of days messing about setting up and can’t believe the number of bloggers.
    Did you enjoy Fuller’s book?

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