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  • Text Snippets Circling Around

    Pêle-mêle off the top of my head: Learnt yesterday: The number of English-speaking Internet users is decreasing, currently at about 35% of total number of Internet users. Shared yesterday: Who writes about African technology developments? From the list, I follow White African, Afrigadget, and sometimes Google Alert points me to IT News Africa. Photo processing […]

  • open source morality

    The benevolent dictator model This article has been linked to from lots of WordPress sites, but I was just struck by the use of language… software is getting more religious and political comparisons.

  • Feisty Fawn

    Seven Nice Things About Linux Ubuntu 7.04 “Feisty Fawn”

  • Free Software for Malawi

    Alex Antener presents a talk on his Malawi projects: Freie Software – Eine Chance für Afrika, (in German) Very interesting, and lots of screens with GNU Linux. [update] The official recording of the talk is available online.

  • Buying a New Laptop

    I’m planning to purchase a notebook in the very near future. It should: work flawlessly with Ubuntu be mobile and quiet (not to heavy and big) work with many applications at one time in GNOME / KDE with reasonable performance, i.e. mostly Web, email, Open Office, programming, DVD, music, (no gaming) cost around 1500 CHF […]

  • very south

    One week vacation in Blantyre. It feels more like a month than a week. A lot has happened since I arrived at Chileka last Saturday. I even managed to fall ill for a day and a half. I still feel a little bit of nausea. It’s a long time since I have been in Blantyre […]

  • Rhetorical question of the day …

    What would computing be without progress bars? I spent this weekend re-configuring my Ubuntu installation. It’s been about 6 months since I moved from Windows and I’m more than happy with Ubuntu and the Gnome desktop. I may try out Kubuntu sometime. Or try setting up an Ubuntu server. I’m still a newbie user but […]

  • Firefox 1.0.7 upgrade in Ubuntu Hoary

    workaround for Firefox 1.0.7 upgrade: execute sudo apt-get remove firefox firefox-gnome-support mozilla-firefox mozilla-firefox-gnome-support. Then, once that’s finished, run sudo apt-get install mozilla-firefox mozilla-firefox-gnome-support. source: The Firefox 1.0.7 upgrade in Ubuntu Hoary

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