1. i’m sure the Swoosh will never become unpopular in high tech companies.

    this is good as well:

    Sometimes a Logo is just a Logo

  2. Err, certo. And they, of all, hire a designer who used to do design in high tech. Hm…I recall all those swoosh logos. Is swoosh still a high tech hottie?

    There is more fun reading at veer: http://blog.veer.com/archives/000829.html

  3. considering it’s a DTP software company…

  4. oh, and fire the advocate too.

  5. “We appreciate your concern that it is similar to that of the Scottish Arts Council’s logo. After doing trademark searches domestically and internationally, we are surprised that our logos look alike in some ways. The similarities were unintentional.”


    Fire the intern. Fire the designer.

    Type and graphic go together like elephants and mice. [mho]

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