Month: October 2008

Drip by drip

For future reference: Marketing is never about a hammer hitting plate glass. It is almost always about the accrued power of a thousand drips, drips that accrue, drop by drop until they overwhelm the status quo and break through, starting a flood. The first drip is very exciting, of course. Everyone lines up to cheer. …

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BBC on Fish Farming in Zomba

Recommended reading: BBC’s James Morgan on fish farming in rural areas of Zomba district, Malawi. It’s a perfect circle. “Or what we call an integrated agriculture-aquaculture (IAA) system,” says Joseph Nagoli, of WorldFish. “This isn’t high input fish farming. This is simple and sustainable.”

Strategic Technologies for 2009

Stumbled across this 5 seconds ago: 1. Virtualization 2. Business Intelligence 3. Cloud Computing 4. Green IT 5. Unified Communications 6. Social Software and Social Networking 7. Web Oriented Architecture 8. Enterprise Mashups 9. Specialized Systems 10. Servers – Beyond Blades Will be interesting to watch how this evolves.