Quote to remember

via Su Franke on Flickr: "Firmen wollen auf den Mond fliegen, haben aber nur klapprige Fahrräder rumstehen" Zitat von Jürg Stuker https://t.co/PKlFCO22Q9 — Panchenga (@nchenga) September 17, 2016

The fast track to DIY images

For all my creative photography friends, here’s an article by Moz on how images boost conversion. And a list of tools. Visage https://visage.co/ Recordit http://recordit.co/ GIFboom (no link cos the sample photos look like they are intended for a dating site) Placeit https://placeit.net/ Studio http://www.madewithstudio.com/ SnapChat (errr… really?) The sample images displayed in the Moz …

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Some photos from my Flickr stream: I’ve got this theory that fresh green colour soothes the eyes and helps to relax.   I saw 2 cats. Both look somewhat unamused. And ready to pounce on any intruders. Saturday was sunny and warm. I like this snapshot, taken with my Moto 3 G:

Useful check list for your new WordPress site

I found this list of useful tips on launching a WordPress site: Don’t Launch a WordPress Site Before You Go Through This Checklist https://t.co/1jYcZV1yVH too late, already launched — Panchenga (@nchenga) March 27, 2016 Things to watch out for are: fast hosting search-engine optimized theme WordPress is working on a new codebase: The new WordPress.com …

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Museum Unterlinden in Colmar

On my daily bicycle commute, I kept noticing art posters, labelled Le nouvel Unterlinden. Today, I saw a Designboom article, shared by someone in my community, discussing the newly renovated museum in Colmar. herzog & de meuron renovates and extends colmar's musée unterlinden https://t.co/qXcTozsuOY pic.twitter.com/sepN4lgU19 — designboom (@designboom) February 7, 2016 Connection made. Advertising works. …

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It’s February already

I listened to the latest episode of The Big Web Show this weekend. The topic was interaction architecture. Here’s a tweet pointing to the show: Is Information Architecture a dead art, or does it matter more than ever?@abby_the_ia @zeldman Big Web Show â„– 142https://t.co/ft9EQIw8n4 — The Big Web Show (@thebigwebshow) January 22, 2016 On Sunday …

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Reasons to blog

I saw this article today on the benefits of blogging: “So why should you blog?” https://t.co/sxbWSvtWPI — ✁___CollectThisTweet (@nchenga) November 1, 2015 Blogs refine your thoughts Blogs reward the creator Blogs amplify your humanity Blogs connect us to our tribes Blogs give introverts a voice Blogs reward the “new age” publishers Blogs embrace the experimenters Blogs …

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