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At BlogCampSwitzerland

Listening to a talk on “Getting Blogs Done” and eating chocolate. The talk’s about applying “Getting Things Done” concepts to blogging. Getting kind of boring. I guess, I’m not really into GTD. I enjoyed Patrick Zoll’s talk on Corporate Podcasting. Looking forward to Sarah’s talk on the blogs and politics. Enjoying Krusenstern on writing better… Continue reading At BlogCampSwitzerland

Silicon Valley Lifecycles

Stumbled across this: ‘Un-sexy is good business,’ and other rules from Scott Rafer

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Today’s attempt to use the USB modem GlobeTrotter Connect with my MacBook failed. I had the right PIN and the right software. But couldn’t connect. The preferences revealed a dialog box with input fields for an APN, a username and a password. I checked the help. There was no explanation what APN stands for… and… Continue reading APN

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The Nutella Alternatives Group at Flickr

Yay, the Nutella Alternatives group is growing (world dominion imminent…). Recent additions include: The question Why spend so many hours and bytes on Nutella and derivatives? It’s a web differentiator! And when people wander thru the shopping aisles with their phone cams they need a purpose. The Flickr group lists all the details: http://www.flickr.com/groups/nutellaalternative/ Childhood… Continue reading The Nutella Alternatives Group at Flickr

Ant hill phone booth

Remember I wrote about the villagers in northern Malawi that climb an ant hill to get GSM reception? Looks like Soyapi saved the newspaper article and passed it on to Mike: Ant hill phone booth (Insert comment on power of blogging, impossible is nothing, etc.)

open source morality

The benevolent dictator model This article has been linked to from lots of WordPress sites, but I was just struck by the use of language… software is getting more religious and political comparisons.


Here’s a simple and rustique family recipe to make crumble: Cover the bottom of a heat-resistant dish with slices of fruit such as apples, pears, or plums. Stir up some crumbles for the topping (you can use the same recipe for the topping as in Streuselkuchen, but i’d leave out the cinnamon and use brown… Continue reading crumbled

Draft status

Fun event: Finish your %#&*@ blog posts. at Citizen Space (Thursday, October 18, 2007) I’ve started deleting blog post drafts, that have been lingering in draft status for over a year…

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Like this

website, especially the little icons…

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Weekend Thoughts

I just installed GIMPshop on my (no longer new) MacBook. And the interface looks a lot simpler. And I received a Skitch invite. I don’t like the pink heart icon much. Kitsch. But I somehow managed to get past that and watch the introductory video (!). The features look very useful. It offers a direct… Continue reading Weekend Thoughts

Introducing social software into corporations

for future reference: An adoption strategy for social software in enterprise. Though the first comment makes me wonder a bit… why would you force somebody to go to a wiki to get a text. Surely using a tool is about making things easier.

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Light blue

This week’s favorite link: Hellblau Interestingly the English equivalent is much shorter.

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