At BlogCampSwitzerland

Listening to a talk on “Getting Blogs Done” and eating chocolate. The talk’s about applying “Getting Things Done” concepts to blogging. Getting kind of boring. I guess, I’m not really into GTD. I enjoyed Patrick Zoll’s talk on Corporate Podcasting. Looking forward to Sarah’s talk on the blogs and politics. Enjoying Krusenstern on writing better […]


Today’s attempt to use the USB modem GlobeTrotter Connect with my MacBook failed. I had the right PIN and the right software. But couldn’t connect. The preferences revealed a dialog box with input fields for an APN, a username and a password. I checked the help. There was no explanation what APN stands for… and […]

The Nutella Alternatives Group at Flickr

Yay, the Nutella Alternatives group is growing (world dominion imminent…). Recent additions include: The question Why spend so many hours and bytes on Nutella and derivatives? It’s a web differentiator! And when people wander thru the shopping aisles with their phone cams they need a purpose. The Flickr group lists all the details: Childhood […]

120 registered nurses leave Malawi per year

Article on the continuing brain drain in the health sector of Malawi. Some excerpts: Official figures show around 120 registered nurses have migrated to Britain and the United States alone every year in the last decade with the health ministry unable to even begin to match the wages on offer abroad. Malawi currently has only […]