Month: August 2006

scrolling infinitely

Scoble says: It’s my thesis that people will scroll almost infinitely. Just give them high-quality stuff. At Microsoft they did research and found most people won’t click on the “next” button. But, they will scroll. You’ll notice that the search engine at doesn’t ever end. If I remember the research right they are finding …

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well-intentioned, but…

stumbled across this well-intentioned attempt to increase the salary of Malawi’s health personnel in Joanne’s blog: Sometime last year DFID (the British development agency) decided to give money specifically to increase the salaries of nurses and clinicians, the thought being that this would help with retention of health workers. Unfortunately, the government decided that the …

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mouse potato

Main Entry: mouse potato Function: noun Etymology: after couch potato slang : a person who spends a great deal of time using a computer Source: Definition of mouse potato – Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

PR 2.0

while I was blonking about the future of communications, some PR agency has come up with a press release template suggesting how to integrate Digg,, RSS feeds, as well as audio, and video links. source: MarCom Blog