Powerpoint resources

Everybody uses Powerpoint. Yet it is tricky to use. I am currently testing and reviewing a PPT 2003 template file. In this blog entry I am collecting useful resources for reference purposes.

Some links that @handmade2_0 suggested:

Fixing Powerpoint Annoyances

25 Powerpoint Tips

Merci vielmol!

While searching about recommended font sizes, I found this page on viewing distance and font size. I always learnt the minimum font size should be 18pt. But it seems there are creative agencies that suggest 15pt.

In the backlogs of Chiperoni, there is a very useful website if you are moving PPT slides from Mac to PC or vice versa.

Any other useful sites for Powerpoint?

General powerpoint

The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint

Guy Kawasaki’s 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint:

a PowerPoint presentation should have ten slides, last no more than twenty minutes, and contain no font smaller than thirty points

General powerpoint

From Mac to PC and Back

Some useful tips to keep in mind if you’re moving Powerpoint slides from
Mac to PC and back:

  • Quicktime-compressed images won’t work on the PC
  • Quicktime movies seldom work on PCs. Use MPEG or AVI instead.
  • Links to external graphics files will break. Embed all graphics.
  • Links to most media files will break UNLESS you copy the media file to the folder where the PowerPoint file is, and only then insert it.
  • Check Format, Replace Fonts to see what fonts are used in your presentation. You can safely count on Arial, Times New Roman, Courier and Symbol being present on every PC. Tahoma and Verdana will probably be present on any PC with Office 97 or later, but may not be there if the PC has only the free PowerPoint Viewer. Mac versions of PowerPoint can’t embed fonts.
  • Use only RGB color for your PowerPoint graphics. PowerPoint will convert CMYK or Pantone colors to RGB anyway. It’s better to do it yourself so you can control the conversion. In case that’s not a convincing argument, try this: PowerPoint may substitute a red X for CMYK graphics. Ouch. Stick with RGB.
  • Ungroup, then regroup imported graphics to convert them to PowerPoint shapes. Do the same to inserted charts if you don’t need them to be editable on the other platform.
  • Don’t squeeze your text too tightly into placeholders. Font substitution and slight differences in text rendering on Mac vs PC can cause your text to get truncated or spill out of too-tight text boxes.